Which Sins Are Mortal Sins?


I am hoping you can answer this question for me. My friend and I are sitting here being very confused because we are wondering which sins are mortal sins and by looking at some sites that list the sins we are very much confused by which ones are actually mortal sins because there are many interpretations!! I always thought mortal sins were if you broke the ten comandments, things like murder and rape, the really bad things...now I'm confused!! Could you please take the time to write me tell me which sins are mortal sins? I would so greatly appreciate it!!! Thank you so much for your time!

God Bless,



Dear Kristen,

You and your friend are on the right track, but perhaps you have not reflected on how encompassing are the Ten Commandments. Fr. John Stillmank has a simple examination of conscience which may help.

St. Thomas Aquinas gave this definition of mortal sin:

"When the will sets itself upon something that is of its nature incompatible with the charity that orients man toward his ultimate end, then the sin is mortal by its very object...whether it contradicts the love of God, such as blasphemy or perjury, or the love of neighbor, such as homicide or adultery." (see Catechism, 1856, which also has a definition of venial sin).

As you can see, it does not require something so extradordinary to commit a mortal sin. The good news is that when we recognize our sin and repent, God's mercy is readily accessible, especially in the sacrament of Confession

My prayers. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom