Confused about Original Sin & Absence of Baptism

My doctor is concerned that I may be having a miscarriage. Can you please tell me what happens to my baby's soul if there is a miscarriage? I'm confused about original sin and the absence of a baptism. Thank you for the time you give to help so many people.



Dear T,

You are very much in my prayers. I've been with several mom's who have suffered miscarriages. We were able to do a funeral service and to bury the tiny babies, but of course the pain continues. I do not know what happens to their little souls, tho I think about it a lot. I even wrote a short story: Marina and the Babies.

It seems God creates many children who he very early takes to Himself. I can't help think a beautiful part of the next life will be to see them and have some communion with them, but I cannot go farther than just personal speculation because the Bible does not give us a great deal to go on. We do have the feast of the Holy Innocents on Dec. 28 which is some indication, altho their salvation has always been understood as a martyrdom for the Child Jesus.

Please let me know how all this goes.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

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