Father, your facts are very touching, however I feel that overpopulation is a problem and I feel that something could be done about it. Sure thier is no food shortage, because of artificail means. I always want to know what God thinks when another one of his creations becomes extinct. "Hurt not the Earth neither the sea nor the trees". Revelations 7:3. I am a college student in Stevens Point Wisconsin. I just got done writing an essay on the environment. I looked up overpopulation on the net. I found your article. I would like to know what your view is on modern medicine. Are we taking it to far. If God has it arranged that I am to die tommorrow but they use modern medicine and bring me back. Is this wrong or.. well I don't know. Why is the christian relgion so set on destroying earth while other philosophies want to be one with nature? If you don't want to answere that is fine. Their maybe no real answer.

Nathan Jakusz


Dear Nathan,

Thanks for your e-mail. You ask a number of questions, each one interesting. About modern medicine, yes, I do believe we have gone too far. I address this in the articles on Birth Control, Abortion, etc. The problem is not medicine itself. It has brought us some great benefits. The problem is our tendency to make it into a kind of idol. We use religious terms when talking about how doctors save lives and perform medical miracles. Along with that comes a tendency to consider all medical procedures to be morally good: birth control, abortion, in vitro fertilization, and now, doctor assisted suicide.

About Christianity and the environment: The Christian doctrine is that we are steward or caretakers of the world God has entrusted to us.

Good luck in your college studies and may God bless your future.

Fr. Phil Bloom