The tradition of the priest standing in the person of Christ is a tradition...but among other traditions. It got entrenched when the Roman anaphora (Eucharistic Prayer...Canon) contained the words, "(he, i.e., Christ) lifted up his eyes to heaven, praised you, his heavenly Father and said, 'take this and eat, this is my body.' " The priest was re-enacting the gestures of Christ, re-pronouncing the words of Christ...he was acting "in persona Christi."

But this is only a tradition... that originated in a time of clericalism. Let's not be so held fast to it.

As to the masculine Christ ad the feminine church... yes, of course. But included in the Church is the priest...I hope!!! And so, how much closer to the mystical symbolism would it be if the prist, our leader, were feminine!

Joe McKenna


Dear Joe,

Thanks for the e-mail. Is it OK to post it and give anyone interested a chance to respond? I am not that knowledgeable on the history of liturgy myself. Do you have a reference for your statement(s)?

The priest is in an odd role, representing Christ and receiving him at the same time.

Where are you at, Joe?

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


Sure use my remarks if you want to. I am going to Switzerland tomorow for a couple of weeks. when I get back i will try to take up where I left off. Talk to you later. :8-) Joe


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