Mary Bloom Center Dinner & Silent Auction

(St. Mary of the Valley, May 9, 2015)

Tables Set

Slide Show

Steve, Pat, Georgene

Juan & Steve

Margaret, Diane, Julia, Raquel, Mike, Janie

Georgene, Pat, Harry, Patti, Evelyne

Larry, Cheryl, Carol, Traci, Dean, Kathleen, John (Mike & Linda in background)

Pamela & Allan

Roberta, Catherine & Khoi

Jorge, Fr. Valencia, Juve, Tania, Todd

Russ, Lara, Nonna

Nonna, Tyler, Van, Ken, Barbara, Harry, Pauline

Melani, Todd, Ross, Brian, Anca, Lara, Roberta

Dessert Table

Todd, grandson, Melinda

Todd, Holly, Sam, Ranelle


Isabel, Mike, Anna, Raoul, Ines, Ana,

Salwa, Leon, Julia, Rose, Austin, Ralph

Sara, Royce, Ken, Barbara, Anca, Melani, Rose, Austin, Todd

Rose, Austin

Auctioneer John

Sherleen, Melinda

Royce, Fr B


Pat, Cathy, Georgene, Anita, Raquel, Veronica, Patti, Harry, Nancy

Kathleen, John

Shari, Allan

Jan, Evelyne, Kay, Allan, Rose, Ralph


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(Holy Family, Seattle)

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(Everett Yacht Club)

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2012 Auction
(Maltby Community Club)

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