Mary Bloom Center Dinner & Silent Auction

(Everett Yacht Club, May 11, 2013)

Below are scenes from the auction. For picture galllery of guests please click here

Set-up: John & Cathy, Linette, Patrick, Sister Barbara

cards with pictures from Peru by Sister Barbara

Patrick, Linda, Marian

Wayne, Jim, Mike

Brieanna, Lisa, Cathy

Jim, Sara, Mike, Wayne

Julius, Jeff

Enrique, More, Leticia, abel

Pat, Dean, Tracy, Claudia

David, Eileen, Tom

Magaņa table

Sherleen, Melinda, Melanie

Julia, Pressy, Margaret, Diana

Marta, Monica, Abby, Luis Miguel

Roberta, Tricia, Catherine

Tracy & Dean

Mike, Irereck, Leticia, Abel, Raquel, Joseph, Monse

Brian, Anca

Marian, Melanie, Leon

Sr B, Tricia

Jorge, Martha, Enrique, Monica, Fatima, Martin, Erika, Patrick

Juan, Sr. B, Steve

Marta, Elizabeth, Enrique

Sr. B, Van

Bill, Kathy, Dwight

Jan, Anthony

Virginia, Rose, Austin

Maureen, Ron, Georgene, Matt, Leo, John, Nattie

Anh, Colleen, Vio, Lucy

Deacon Abel

Dessert Table

Sr. B, Van

Picture Cards by Sister Barbara

Greg & Marianne, after clean-up

(pictures by Sister Barbara & Patrick Albin)


2012 Auction

St. Mary of the Valley Picture Album

Pictures from Visit to Peru (December 2011 - January 2012)

Pictures from Visit to Peru (December 2012)