Mary Bloom Center Dinner & Silent Auction

(Maltby Community Club, May 12, 2012)

Mary Bloom Center Dinner/Auction, May 12, 2012, Maltby Community Club (Mike & Linda in background)

Check-in table: Elizabeth, Lisa, Linette

Linette, Lisa, Linda

Cathy, Eliabeth, Anita, Margaret, Amy

Anca & Mike

Auction Decorations by Linda Bloom

Steve & Juan serving beverages



Jean & Danielle

w/ Jan & Kay

Pat, Carol, Georgene

Kay, Margaret, Amy

Sr. Barbara, Gordy, Maggie

w/ Marnie & Malcom

w/ auction organizer, Patrick Albin

Bill & Kathy

Chabuca, Ana Maria, Javier, Michael, Isabel, Juanita


Linette & Anita

Lizzie, Cathy L, Cathy & Leroy, Anita, Doug, John, Marie

Anita, Doug, Dwight, Claudia

Enrique, Martha

Nadia & Raul

Martin & Martha

Fatima & Jorge

Marianne & Greg

Leon & Salwa

Burt & Ralene

Mike, Sara

w/ Wayne & Jim

Nonna, Lauren, Van

David, Dan, Shari, Annie

Dominic, Gary, Ines, Maria, Isabel, Juana

Anca, Brian, Jorge

Jorge, Gladys & Peruvians

Schola, Brad w/ 40 Days for Life & Helpers of God's Precious Infants
Near Matt & Georgene were: John & Mary Anderson (I think from St. Mark & Helpers of God's Precious Infants) - next to Matt & Georgene; across from M&G are Ed & Caroline Klaport (Blessed Sacrament, E40DFL & Helpers of God's Precious Infants); across from John & Mary were: Jean Dellino & her daughter Danielle (St. Elizabeth Ann Seton & E40DFL). Next to Matt were Pauline Anderson (St. Mary Magdalen Parishioner & E40DFL participant) and Van's friend. Next to Brad sat Peggy Barton (from SMM & E40DFL); across from Peggy was Loretta Neigum (from SMM & E40DFL); across from Brad & Schola were Linda & Jim Gillan (SMM & E40DFL).

Doug, Cathy, Marie, Pat, Georgene, Anca

Fr B, Patrick, Sr B

Cathy, Schola


Andy, Dale

above pictures courtesy of Sr. Barbara and Linda Bloom

w/ niece Sherleen

Cathy, Linette, Elizabeth, Dr. Tom, Andrew

Salwa, Leon, Sr. Barbara, Melanie

Melanie, Tonya, Andy, Shari, Gordy

w/ Dan

Colleen, Gary, Yolanda

Dale, Brian & Anca


Dessert table & Quilt + Rack

Melanie, Anca, Colleen

Andy presenting video

pictures courtesy of Anca

Mary Bloom Center 2012

by Andy Getavesky

And please check out Andy's pictures and commentary of his visit to Cuzco, Machu Pichu and the Sacred Valley

MBC - Mary Bloom Center, Puno, Peru

(new, professional website)

Some prizes for Mary Bloom Center Dinner Auction, May 12, Malby Community Club

Basket from Pet Pro of Monroe

Mariner Hardball signed by Franklin Gutierrez

Five Gift Cards from Hill Street Cleaners ($25 each)

Dinner with priest and nun: don't worry - nun will do most of the cooking :)

Doing arduous research at Italianissimo Restaurant - they will cater the May 12 auction dinner

Rigatoni with tomato and sausage sauce

Pork meatball appetizers

Scampi sauted with garlic and butter

Here is the menu for the the May 12 Dinner at Maltby Community Club:

    Pollo Dorato Alla Toscana with vegetables

    Lasagna (hand-made by Italianissimo Restaurant)

    Italianissimo's Signature Salad

    Bread Basket

    Complementary glass of wine

Aquí es la lista para la Cena:

    Pollo Dorado A la Toscana

    Lasaña (hecha a mano por Italianissimo)

    Ensalada Italianissima

    Canasta de Pan

    Vaso de Vino 

Some of silent auction prizes: Jump Start for car battery, fireworks

Thien - wine basket donated by her mother, Van, for May 12 Mary Bloom Center Dinner/Auction


St. Mary of the Valley Picture Album

Pictures from Visit to Peru (2012)