Is it a Sin?

Dear Father,

When my wife & I make Love, there are time when I do not have an orgasm. So, after she falls asleep, I Masturbate to relieve the tension. Is this a sin ??


Dear WP,

Objectively the answer is yes. Almost any kind of mutually agreed upon foreplay is morally acceptable in marriage, but the principle is that ejaculation take place within the vagina. I know that sounds a bit clinical and does not help regarding the tension you feel. Perhaps someone else would be able to advise regarding achieving orgasm within the act of intercourse. And it may be that you have been given a particular cross to bear - not one destined to be written up in "lives of martyrs" but known to the Lord - and that is what counts when all is over.

My prayers. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

From Grace MacKinnon at Catholic Exchange: Masturbation: Mortal Sin?

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