Correcting a Mistaken Report

(Mary Bloom Center, Peru)

While I was in Peru I saw the Heart of Jesus drawing souls to himself in some remarkable ways. At the Mary Bloom Center unborn children are being rescued from abortion. At the same time their parents are saved from having that terrible sin on their souls. I was at the reception desk one day when a woman in her mid-twenties entered and told me she was pregnant, but wanted to "get rid of it." I talked to her for some time, trying to understand what had brought her to such desperation. After our conversation, Obst. Luz Marrón (the Center's director) took her to the examination room. As part of the examination, she had her listen to her baby's heartbeat. That, plus seeing a video of fetal development, made a deep impact on the young woman. To help even one mother make the beautiful decision to accept her child gives incalculable satisfaction.

I have mentioned to you before a woman whom we helped in making that choice during my years in Peru. It was such a joy to see her with her daughter who is now six years old. I once asked her if she would give up her daughter for anything. She said, "no, padre, she is my treasure."

Talking about the Mary Bloom Center, I should clear up a mistaken report. The Progress recently had an article about a wonderful woman here in Seattle who has included the work in Peru as part of her legacy. However, the article also reported that I was founding school in Peru! Believe me, I have enough of a challenge right here keeping our own parish school going. The Mary Bloom Center is a low budget, hand-to-mouth operation. To use a comparison, our total budget last year was less than the salary and benefit package of one (underpaid) school teacher here. The Center does accomplish an extraordinary work using very limited funds.

I have been appreciative of the way Holy Family Parish has supported this work on behalf of the poorest of the poor. Back in days when Fr. Ross Fewing was pastor, two-bit collections went to the Mary Bloom Center and that tradition has been continued. As we face our own financial struggles, Holy Family has not neglected to help those who are needy in our area and in the world.

At the same time I would encourage anyone who is making out their will to consider Holy Family Parish and School as part of your legacy. We recently received a beautiful $25,000 gift from the Estate of George and Winifred Hughes. It could not come at a better time as we consider the great financial challenges here and Holy Family and each reflect on our own Stewardship of time, talent and treasure.


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