Dear Fr.Bloom,

yours is an exciting & encouraging web site -many thanks.

I found you in my "sweep" of the dissidents, part of my work as a Catholic journalist. I am astounded that the ARCC site permits your comment and web link to remain on their page - they must be unaware of the contents?!

God Keep you,

MAry Jo Anderson


Thanks, Mary Jo, I appreciate hearing from you. Would enjoy seeing your article when you finish your research. Is it OK if I upload your e-mail to the letters section of my website?


Oh, Yes, surely you are welcome to upload my e-mail.

The research can be seen in part in some of my articles for CRISIS magazine-in particular the "Inside Call to Action" (Oct.1996) ," Common Ground"( Feb.1997) and "Dissidents in the GLobal Village" (MAy 1997) but most recently in the Jan. 1998, " Referendum a la Roma" which is the report on their WE ARE CHURCH petition presentation at the VAtican.

Your web pages are very important for our time- the medium of choice for many poorly catechized Catholics.

Many blessings,

Mary Jo Anderson