March for Life 2005

(January 19, 2005, Olympia, WA)

State Capitol

Pro-choice protestors

The future

Number Eight

Fr. Phil Bloom and Fr. Ramon Velasco with Holy Family Parishioners

Kathy McEntee

with Jim Anderson, Life Issues Sacred Heart Radio

Pictures courtesy of Todd Aylard


January 23 Parish Bulletin:

On Wednesday Fr. Ramon and I, along with a number of Holy Family parishioners, attended the annual March for Life in Olympia. It was the biggest crowd I had seen assembled on the Capitol steps. There was a lot of encouraging news, including the fact that pro-life Democrats in our state legislature have tripled in the past years: from one to three. They are forming a Washington state chapter of Democrats for Life. All of us, whether Democrats, Republicans, Independents or some other party must be involved in these crucial issues.

Pictures from 2007 March for Life

Prayer Vigil at West Seattle Planned Parenthood Clinic

Letter to West Seattle Planned Parenthood explaining reasons for vigils and inviting them to dialogue

Homily Mentioning March for Life

Abortion and Pro-Choice

Former Pro-Life Democrats

A Challenge to Our Pro-Choice Friends

Defending Partial Birth Abortion (warning: contains graphic description of abortion)

**Q. What business does government have in regulating medical procedures? Isn't this a private matter?
A. Here is a short list of seven areas where government regulates medical practice in Washington state.

Post-Abortion Healing

Abortion and Early Church Teaching

An impassioned Pro-Choice response.

The fate of the aborted child

The overpopulation question.

Gen 1:28 - Have we "filled the earth"?

From Abortionist to Catholic: Bernard Nathanson, M.D..

Abortion and Forgiveness.

The question of conscience.

How this issue relates to Salvation.

Relation of Abortion to Birth Control.

Homily on Birth Control and Abortion.

Does Birth Control solve or cause Poverty?

The Moral Law and the Existence of God.

Holy Week Reflection (Abortion and Immigration)

From Sarah: "Do you honestly believe that making abortion illegal will solve the problem?" (Clear Thinking about Crucial Issues)

He Approached the Victim: "It's much more likely one of your relatives will lose his life by surgical abortion than by heart attack."

Stem Cell Research: Teaching of Bible & Catholic Church

Germaine Greer on Birth Control

Human Cloning: A Catholic Perspective (How the Unthinkable Became Inevitable)

"From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have created gay people."

Are Democrats anti-Catholic? (warning: contains foul language)

A Pro-Choice Argument

God's Weak Ones

Show Truth to America
(Demonstration at Seattle University, September 27, 2003)
Warning: Contains Graphic Images

Holy Family Seventh Grade at 2006 March for Life

How Long Has the Church Been against Abortion?


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