"Sheer Injustice"

Fr. Bloom,

Are you seriously suggesting that we must choose in the manner you have suggested. (See: Previous) Domination has no place. It is a negative quality in human relationships and does not promote true respect or consideration. If you were married you would know this. Respect, consideration, responsibility and I will add tenderness, are the marks of a whole and mature man. I continue to be amazed at men who hold such views --Your statement is patronising.

The hierarchical church has been telling women for 2000 years what they should think and how they should act in submission and subjection to men. I'm afraid it wont wash. Sadly, they have inflicted a deep neurosis in the psyche of men. For your own sakes as much as ours, a healing is required and a restoring of the balance, a sense and sensibility.

I do not normally bother to react to men or argue needlessly with them on these issues, least of all priests. I too have spent much time in the work place and every other place interactiong with men, because I am always one of very few women, and sometimes, the only woman in a professional setting. What I find so difficult from a man supposedly acting in Christ is the sheer injustice of your stance. You conceed no point at all Fr. Bloom.

Yours sincerely


Dear Aruna,

Those are some pretty harsh judgments. But I think you misunderstand my question. I was referring to the fact most of our major institutions - universities, government agencies, hospitals, stores, symphonies, school districts, corporations, publishing houses, parks, etc., etc. - are run by male dominated hierarchies. For example, here in Seattle the universities and hospitals (since the Providence Sisters sold their hospital to Swedish) are all dominated by men, altho women have significant roles. (The same could be said of the Catholic Church.) Would you refuse treatment at a hospital dominated by men? Would you advise your daughter not to attend a university with a male dominated hierarchy? (From the brief description of your own workplace, it seems the answer would be "no.")

I recognize, Aruna, the word "domination" is a red flag because it conveys an image of squishing the other person. In that sense I agree wholeheartedly domination has no place and is a negative quality in human relationships. I'll try to avoid the word in the future. At the same time, I will encourage men to not duck responsibility, but to accept the burden of leadership in families and other institutions.


Fr. Bloom


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