"Let's Be Honest!"

With rereference to: "Let's be honest. What upsets women is not so much male domination, but our irresponsibility, our lack of consideration and respect." (See: Women Priests?

I invite you --- yes let us be honest. How do you know what a women feels or wants. Since you are quite simply not a women, you ought to be humble enough to admit that perhaps you do not know.


Aruna Rodrigues-Clarke


Dear Aruna,

You have a point. I admit I do not know the feelings and desires of a woman (or of any other man) from the inside. However, since you took time to write, I assume you agree with me that we human beings can communicate to each other concerning our emotions and wants. As a priest, 30 yrs. now, I have spent much more time listening to women than men. I hope I have not been too bad of a listener. On a whole, I have found women to be much more revelatory of themselves than men, but that's another issue.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. Does male domination upset you more than lack of consideration, respect & responsibility?

Reply from Aruna


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