Luther or Wesley?

Dear Fr. Bloom,

I have just read and enjoyed your homily: Leisure: A Misunderstood Activity. Thank you for putting into words many of the feelings I have had about this passage over the years. Your insight about Jesus' words on "come away" as not referring to just any kind of relaxation whatever was right on target for me.

One note that caught my eye.... Being a Methodist, I was intrigued by your Wesley quote "I have so much to do today, I better pray for two hours"... When I was in seminary we were taught that that quote belonged to our Lutheran cousin Martin Luther. Whether it was originally Luther's or Wesley's, it's still a great quote. I used it last Sunday and gave Martin the credit, so I guess we're all blessed by an ecumenical spirit...

Again, thanks for your homily and your church's website. I notice you served in Peru during the same years I served as a missionary in Lima (1986-91). At that time I served with the National Council of Churches international Protestant parish in Miraflores.


Jake Fisher
Pastor, St.Matthew UMC, Anderson, IN


Dear Jake,

Great to hear from. I appreciate your kind words - and the correct source for the quote. Do you have a reference for it? Also is it OK to post your letter on my website?

Did you have a good experience in Peru? I still miss it so much. Am going down again in Oct. for 4 weeks.

God bless,

Phil Bloom