"I Have This Obsession..."

I'm really uncomfortable asking this, mostly because I am afraid that you may think quite badly of me or think this is a joke or some perverse joke but... here goes I guess.

I have this obsession, well not obsession, but lust I suppose toward male clergy... I mean, not like something violent or something I'd ever really go as far as to indulge in, but I find them arousing. I don't feel this is wrong, per se, and I think that's why I'm asking, would this be considered something incredible as far as sins go?

You can tell I'm not a Christian, huh? I follow the religion but some parts make me far too much uncomfortable, and I avoid Church as I get a lot of sideways glances.

You can put this on your site, although I think this may be a little too uncomfortable for me.

Anyhow, maybe you can tell me something to help me with this, or figure out why something so 'wrong' would be so attractive to me =(

Thank you for reading this.


Dear A,

The answer to your final question is found in Gen 3:6. But notice the following verse which detail the bitter consequences of eating the forbidden fruit.

If I had an easy solution to addictions, obsessions, etc. I would apply in my own life. I have found that the best approach is not to think one can get rid of them by some act of will or insight. Rather we should try to "crowd them out" by finding things which are good, positive and put the energy to use there.

It's important to keep a sense of humor. I remember when I was young priest, a girl in my parish got drawn into the Thorn Birds, watching the TV program and toting the book around. She concluded we were to live out that tragic love. Fortunately for me she was no Meggie - and I was certainly no Fr. Ralph. At some point the spell broke and she was able to realize what is truly a beautiful relationship with a priest, that of a spiritual daughter.

Do not be afraid to come to Jesus and his Church. He will be the one to truly fill your heart.

Prayers. God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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