From: David Brantley on 05/02/97 12:06 PM

Hello neighbor.

I've been reading your Web pages and I just haven't been able to tear myself away!

I am a recent convert. I was born into the Methodist Church and was a Baptist for some years later on. After a 10-year lapse from religious life I fell in love with a Peruvian social worker (she worked at _comedores_ in Chorrillos, Lima and also taught the Billings Method there and in Baltimore, MD) and Roman Catholic, whom I married. In 1996 I underwent the Rites of Initiation and became a member of the catholic Church.

Blessed with a gift for learning languages, I quickly became fluent in Spanish and I'm now working with an Hispanic group in our parish (there are about 15 of us). We meet weekly for reflection on the Sunday readings and similar activities. Many Spanish-speaking people in our parish remain faithful to the Parish although there are no Spanish Masses or other services; so it is a help for them to have educational and social opportunities in their own language.

I'm also one of the parish lectors, and I'm busy preparing a Web page for lectors. It isn't up yet, but if you want to see the rest of the site:

click here

It's mostly focused on Peru, but I hope to make some RC stuff available if I can ever find the time.

David Brantley
Baltimore, MD