Deacon Derek Lappe & Fr. Gallagher

(Aug. 1, 1999; Holy Family, Seattle)

Wider View

Hispanic Legion of Mary

Fr. Richard Gallagher with Parishioner

Fotos by Orville Mall


Homilies of Deacon Derek:

We Still Look to Peter (August 22, 1999)

Mary Model of Discipleship (August 15, 1999)

Modern Day Persecutions? (August 8, 1999)

Superabundance & Holy Year Indulgence (August 1, 1999)

¿Por qué tenemos que ir a misa? (29 agosto 1999)


Diaconate Ordination of Derek (July 25, 1999)

Ordination Pictures (from reception)

Are you being called to the Priesthood?