I am a 35 year old Roman Catholic. I was a little puzzled by the comment in your review that the Holy Father's religiosity was "embarrassingly external" especially coming from a Catholic Priest. Why do you find praying before statues embarrassing?

I personally find it very helpful when in prayerful contemplation to be at the foot of the Sacred Heart or even the Immaculate Heart. In fact some day you may find me in prayer before a Crucifix in your very own parish. Would my behavior be embarrassing to you? If so why?

Respectfully Yours in Christ


Thanks for the e-mail. The "embarrassment" would be from walking in on an action so intimate, not a negative judgement on the action itself which is beautiful. Maybe like stumbling on ones parents during an intimate moment. I'm used to praying in front of the crucifix and statues myself and to seeing others doing that which I encourage, but what was described in the biography is normally reserved for ones inner chamber. (Not that it wasn't touching, just very intimate.) Again, I expressed myself badly--and do not want to discourage you from the kind of public or private prayer you describe.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom