Dear Fr Bloom

I came across your home page and I noticed that you have provided the Church's belief in relating to current issues in the Catholic Church. I myself am catholic and do beleive 100% what the Pope teaches. I am however seeing the catholic church around me weaken; where I live there are many catholics who are seeking change in the catholic church. They believe in ordination of women and the use of birth control. I believe that these people are not really catholic and do not belong in the Catholic Church.

On a bit of a different note, I am wondering if you could provide me some answers to some of my questions.

1. Why are people born with disabilities; these dissabilies could be either physical are mental?

I have some knowledge of the bible where the people ask Jesus about a man being boring blind. I believe Jesus answers them with some sort of answer like, he was born so God's power could be shown through healing. I am not quite sure about this, I do not have a bible with me now but I do remember reading it in the bible; and the answer Jesus gave to the people was not a clear - the child was born this way because of the parents sin or because of his own sin. I also remember reading in the Old Testment that God will punish the of desendents of wicked people to the 3rd and 4rth generation; but will bless the desendents or rightous people for many more generations.

2. The second question I have has to do with prayer; I remember reading in the bible that Jesus says those who have faith when the pray will be given what ever they have asked for. I try to be a good person and not to sin; but I can not truly say that God has answered even one of my prayers with certianty. I can however say that God has not answered many of my prayers with definte certainty.

I hope I have explained myself well enough for you to understand where I am coming from, and I also hope to hear from you shortly.



Your comments or questions are welcome.