Govenor intervenes in coma case here in florida

From: rthorn
Sent: Tuesday, October 21, 2003
Subject: Govenor intervenes in coma case here in florida

Fr.. Phil,

Many Catholic people I know here in Florida have been writing letters to Governor Bush, asking him to intervene in this case. I know you wrote about it or had a link to it on your site recently. Perhaps it is only a small victory, but I like to think that this may set a precedent in similar cases. Society had gone too far in the other extreme in recent years.

Fr. Phil, I must thank you for your review and recent mention of the book, “Violence Unveiled,” by Gil Bailie. I ordered the book because of your review, and have found it to be one of the most exciting and illuminating books I have ever read. His insights into social behavior and structure are truly amazing. His ability to connect historical events to the mystery of Christianity, even more so. I am reading the book for the second time, as there was so much to absorb in every page. I lent it to a friend, who is likewise moved by the insights Bailie reveals. The book adds another dimension to Christianity, another deeper meaning to “..the Kingdom of God on Earth…” The book has affirmed my own beliefs, as well as reveals a larger dimension to Christ to me.

Thank you for sharing your reading experiences on the internet. I have read other books mentioned on your site, but this is by far the most meaningful to me so far.

My prayers are with you everyday. Please keep in prayer my dear friend, Fr. Willie Dever. I have known and loved him for 35 years, and his mother died this morning. He left for Ireland a few hours later. Mrs. Dever was 102 years old, and had still been walking a mile to morning Mass every day until just recently. We are all so connected in this life and in this Church of ours. It draws us close, despite distance and time, continent and coast; close to each other and close to Christ.

Thank you for your continued presence on the web. I still read your weekly sermons, and other writings. You continue to enrich my spiritual life, and I am grateful.

JoAnne Thorn


Thank you, JoAnne. Good to hear from you. Glad you liked Gil Bailie's book. It was so encouraging that the people in Florida rallied around Terri this past week. I know this issue has touched you very personally.

Prayers for Fr. Dever - and for the eternal rest of his mother. I appreciate your prayers for me. God bless!

Fr. Phil


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