Into What City Could We All Fit?

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Fr. Phil Bloom wrote:

"To have everyone lie down in Jacksonville, Sassone pictured them lying on their sides for his three square feet. I suppose he was assuming an average thickness less that 6 " and a height less than 6 '. We'd probably need a cross section of volunteers to prove it one way or another."

Unfortunately, my thickness across the middle is now greater than 6", so I wouldn't be able to fit into this small space. Of course, if we make sufficiently ridiculous assumptions, we can have the entire world population dancing on the head of a pin!

Gary Curtis


Dear Gary

When I was a kid, the population control folks did have something like that. They showed us a picture of a small globe with people squeezed together on the outside, even a few falling off. I was surprised to discover, 40 years later, that altho world population had doubled, you could still fit us all (snugly) into one U.S. city. (Admittedly one w/ a larger than average area)

Fr. Phil Bloom


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