A Response to John Irving on Abortion

Hi Fr. Bloom: A couple of my priest friends had some fun with The Usual Homily. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Peru. That reminds me: Were you at the Lourdes Cathedral in France in September of 95? I ask simply because I was watching my friend's video taping of his trip to Lourdes and there is a priest on it that looks a lot like you. Also, thought you might like a copy of my recent article on John Irving's comment on Abortion. It should be published at domestic-church.com at some point. I have a couple of them there already. Have you ever seen domestic-church? Talk to you soon, Father.



Dear Doug,

Well done article. I will post the URL in hopes of encouraging others to read it. I was struck by how logic can be exhilarating - as opposed to the deadening effect of slogans or illogic. Thanks also for the reference to Domestic Church. What a fine resource!

Hope all is well w/ you and your students as you enter the new millennium. Prayers that it will be a new springtime for us all. You are on the frontlines in trying to help young people to truly think critically.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. I was only in Lourdes once, back in the early 70's when I was a theology student. But it sounds like your friends captured a handsome priest in their video. ;-)