"Could I have my child baptized?"

I am a married woman, 29 years old who has never been baptised. My Mother (who has no religious preference) wanted me to choose my own faith even though my father is Catholic and so all of his family. My husband has been baptised already into another faith. I want to raise my

family in the Catholic community. I want my children to grow up belonging in a faith so that they won't have the problems I had when it came to choosing or not choosing a particular faith. I am wondering though if I could have my child baptized when it is born--if I am not yet baptized myself? I do plan to introduce myself to the Catholic faith in the future...



Dear Jennifer,

It would be possible if you are in the process of becoming a Catholic. The Rite of Baptism for Children has a part where the parents (at least one) agrees to bring up the child in the practice of the faith. Before the child is baptized the parents (again at least one) and godparents make a profession of faith in the Trinity and renunciation of the devil & sin. I encourage you to contact a parish near you, explain your situation and take the guidance they give you.

My prayers,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. Of course it's very important to talk about all this with your husband. Perhaps he would like to investigate the Catholic faith with you.

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