How to Gain Indulgence

Dear Father Bloom, I enjoyed your recent homily regarding making a Holy Year Indulgence. I've tried, unsuccessfuly, to find out more information on this.. I am planning on attending my parish Advent penance service and would very much appreciate any additional information on the Holy Year Indulgence. Thank you in advance.

God bless,

Daniel Nadas
Mansfield, PA


Dear Daniel,

Sorry I am so slow in getting back to you. By now you probably have already found the information on how to obtain the Holy Year Indulgence. There is a document called Conditions for Gaining the Jubilee Indulgence which, besides giving the steps, explains the biblical and theological meaning. There are three steps: a complete and individual confession, prayer for the intentions of the Holy Father along with an act expressing charity & penance, and the pilgrimage ending with the "Our Father," the profession of faith and prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This pilgrimage can be to a sacred site in Rome or the Holy Land. Or as will be the case for most of us, to our local Cathedral (or other site the bishop designates). The indulgence can be obtained not only personally, but on behalf of others who have died. My goal for the Holy Year is, after gaining the personal indulgence, to gain one for my dad, my grandparents and for a friend Fr. Mike Holland. Each additional indulgence must be gained on a separate day by praying for the intentions of the Holy Father and making the pilgrimage. A separate confession is not necessary - unless of course one has fallen into serious sin. I hope this is a help.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom