How do their children get past the act of incest?

From: Thomas Navratil
Sent: Friday, September 28, 2001


I was having a discussion a while ago about the beginning, evolution or creation. Something was brought up that I do not have an answer to. If creation was actually the beginning of us (humans) with Adam and Eve starting it all off, what happens after they (Adam and Eve) reproduce? How do their children get past the act of incest? I have tried to find answers about this, and maybe I havent looked in the correct areas, but I cannot find any. What are your thoughts on this? Thanks and God bless.



Dear Tom,

Sorry to be so slow getting back. The Bible does not give answers to every question, but, yes, in the very beginning of the human species, there would have been pairing of brothers and sisters, then cousins, etc. Even though our first parents had committed the original sin, such a degree of corruption had not entered into our race. They still had a certain primal innocence which has since been lost, except as a dim memory. Thus things, which later would be severely prohibited, were allowed. Have you read C.S. Lewis space trilogy? They give an idea what that primal innocence may have been like.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. Have you noticed that scientists are discovering more evidence for what the Bible teaches, that all of us came from a single parent (monogenism)?

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