Dear Sir,

I confess I have not spent enough time visiting your site to discern for certain, but you must hold the priesthood within the Catholic church, and are located in Seattle?

I typed in illegal immigration on a geocities search to find your pages. The question you asked is, "who would take the brutal jobs?"

We are not world travelers, nor are we highly educated. We are but simple folk who see things, and do attempt to do our small part in correcting injustice. Illegal immigration is not a simple crime. It is our opinion that the true criminality in all of it is that illegal immigrants are most often trapped into taking those brutal jobs -- trapped and enslaved.

The trouble is, too many people dismiss the greater mis-deeds of the situation by granting that they, themselves would not like to do the work done by illegal immigrants. No human beings, legal or illegal should be subjected to the cruel circumstances illegal immigrants so often find themselves in. Yes, it is true that some find even this preferable to what they left behind. Even so, it is not right. It is not just.

Instead of granting that we would not like to do the work these people do, all should work together to make certain those willing to do this work are permitted to come legally, and are allowed to work under the same standard rights we in the United States of America expect.

I am writing to you today to open a dialog. We enjoy exchanging views and ideas on how to solve problems, and this one has become very close to us. We live it daily. We would like to invite you to visit our site at: /Flats/3884 . It is a simple beginning, and there is much more to be said. But the point behind the site is to expose, and cause others to be aware that there is a growing problem here that needs to be corrected.

Sincerely yours,
Laura Lanning


Dear Laura,

Thank you for the e-mail. I visited your website and appreciate your reflections and the photos, especially living in the situation which you do. I think it is important for people to hear what is actually going on. I signed your guestbook, but then got an "illegal operation" message. I guess illegality is part of the fabric of our lives these days :-)

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. Please see my statement regarding Immigration.