San Miguel, Ilave

(November 2000 Visit - Fr. Phil Bloom)

Fr. Faustino Pari, Chalice donated by Everett Knights of Columbus

Fr. Faustino Pari, All Saints Day Mass

Fr. Narciso Valencia

Frs. Faustino & Narciso counting collection

Fr. Phil Bloom, overview of Ilave

Albina with daughter Guadalupe (burn scars)

Image of St. Michael the Archangel, Patron of Ilave

Fr. Miguel Maquera, Chalice donated by Everett Knights

Fr. Miguel Maquera

Fr. Miguel Maquera blessing people after Mass

Fr. Faustino Pari

Yolanda with son, Efrain

Puno Cathedral

Fotos of February 2001 visit of Frs. Narciso & Faustino to Seattle

Other Recent Fotos (Orphan Girls, etc.)

Pictures added January 2000

1982 - 1994 Pictures from Peru

Sí a La Vida Campaign