How to Confess

Hi Father,

I found you on the Internet. I wanted some advice from a priest I don't know. I wish to rejoin my local church and have attended Mass two times this month. I want to receive Communion but I need to go to Confession first. I can't remember the last time I did this so the sins have piled up as you can imagine. So much so I'd be embarrassed to confess it all to my local priest. I plan on driving to a nearby city for that,

I was wondering though, what is the proper way to go about confessing? What does God expect me to confess. And how can I confess it all? After all, I have been away for years and years. Mind you, I am a decent person, law abiding and good at heart. But I am human, and as you know humans are far from perfect.

I'd appreciate your imput and I hope God has directed me towards another person who is decent, law abiding, and good at heart.



Dear RJ,

Good to hear from you and your desire to receive Reconciliation and Communion. The Diocese of Pittsburgh has a Short Guide to Confession which I think you will find helpful. If you have a bit more time, you might want to read a homily I did on confession. Also I have longer article on Confession. The best I can do is to repeat Jesus words, "Do not be afraid." My prayers.

Fr. Phil Bloom

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