Two Purposes of the Quince Años Mass

(Homily for Quinceañera)

Bottom line: As a quinceañera, you not only want to thank God, but to ask for his help. You - and all the young people here - are at a crucial moment.

First of all, I want to congratulate our quinceañera ___________________________ and her parents. I know that this is a moment of great emotion for you as parents. You have dreamed for a long time about this day. Perhaps, when your daughter was born you thought, "Someday we will celebrate her quince años." And now that day has arrived. I congratulate you parents.

I also want to congratulate the padrinos, the godparents. You have a special part in today's celebration and in the life of your ahijada, your goddaughter. And congratulations to the other family members here, your friends and the young people accompanying ___________________________. You young men look sharp in your suits. May you always be caballeros, gentlemen.

This parish is dedicated to young people. You have a special place here. We want to do all we can to help you during this crucial time. Perhaps we did not experience the same challenges that you do, but we want to be with you. I am your spiritual father. I want to be available to you for Confession or just to talk.

It is a great joy and honor for me to celebrate this Mass. We have two purposes at this Mass. The first is to give thanks. Our quinceañera ___________________________ gives thanks for the gift of life that God gave her through the cooperation of her parents. You thank God for your family, your health, your intelligence, the opportunities to study - and also for your beauty. It is a gift from God. God wants you to use those gifts not in a selfish way, but in a way that will make life better for other people. For that reason you want to study hard so you can develop your gifts to the full. Boys will wait until later. Now is the time to study. Sí o no? Sí! (smile)

You have great gifts - and you want to use them well. That brings us to the second purpose of this Mass. You not only want to thank God, but to ask his help. You - and the other young people here - are at a crucial moment. The decisions you make now will determine your direction in life. You need God's help to become the person God has meant you to be.

God gives some commandments to help guide you. I want to mention just one. Honor your...uncle? Well, it's good to honor your uncle, but God's command says to honor...your father and your mother. This is an important commandment for a young person. Jesus promises us that if we honor our parents, he will give us a long life. No one wants to die young. The way to have a long life is by honoring one's parents. Jesus also says that if we honor our parents, we will have an abundant life. We won't necessarily become as rich as Bill Gates, but we will have a sufficiency for a good life. To honor your parents means they always know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. That way you will have God's protection and blessing over you. As a quinceañera your relationship with your mom is more important than ever. Sí o no?...Sí!

In a few moments ___________________________ will make her Offering to God Through the Virgin Mary. I invite you to take a few moments in silence to pray for her and for all our young people - and for all of us that we will be faithful to our vocations..


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