Not Leave You Orphans

(Homily for Sixth Sunday of Easter)

Bottom line: Jesus will not leave us orphans; he makes us part of his family. The Annual Catholic Appeal reminds us of this broader family.

Jesus says, "I will not leave you orphans." During my years in Peru I had the opportunity to meet many orphans - children who had lost parents because of death or incapacity. One orphan girl stands out in my mind: Francisca. Her mom died in childbirth and her dad could not take care of her, so he entrusted his tiny child to the Vincentian Daughters of Charity. When I first held Francisca, she cried so loudly and so persistently that I held her back to the Sisters. As she got older, she kept her distance, even hiding from me. One day, when she was about four, she let me pick her up. I held Francisca in front of me, looked into her wide, brown eyes and said, "Francisca, tu eres mi hija. You are my daughter." She looked at me, then reached out her little arms and put them around my neck. Now, maybe she was afraid I would drop her...but it seemed like something more: embracing - in an instinctive way - the family Jesus would give her.

Jesus tells us he will not leave us orphans. Sometimes we feel that way - alone, on our own. But if we open our hearts to Jesus, if we love him, if we do what he commands, he will give us a family.

This Sunday we have a presentation on the Annual Catholic Appeal. This yearly collection - to support the work of Archbishop Brunett - reminds us that, in Jesus, we are part of a family. I ask you to listen carefully to this year's testimony. With a prayer in your heart, please give your full attention to our Parish Council chair, Mrs. Rica Herrera.


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