(Homily for Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time - Cycle C)

Bottom line: Stewardship is another word for salvation.

At a Catholic Stewardship Conference one of the speakers said, "Stewardship is another word for salvation." At first his statement seemed exaggerated, even self-serving. But thinking it over, he made a very good point.

In todayīs Gospel we see the process of salvation. It begins with divine initiative: "The Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost." Godīs initiative focuses on a man in a wretched state. By his greed he had separated himself from his countrymen. People hated him - and with good reason. But God did not give up on him. The man receives an amazing invitation: "Zacchaeus, come down quickly." Throw away your self-exaltation, your fear, your stubborness. "For today I must stay at your house."

In gratitude for Godīs invitation, his free gift, Zacchaeus says, "Half of my possessions, Lord, I shall give to the poor." Then he adds, "if I have extorted anything from anyone I shall repay it four times over." In other words, he turns over everything that he has.

Jesus then speaks these beautiful words, "Today salvation has come to this house." Not just to Zacchaeus, but to his entire household.

To sum up, this is what salvation is: The joyful recognition of Godīs gift, then with faith, entrusting ourselves - all we are, all we have, to him. That is the essential process of salvation. It is also the essence of Stewardship. Stewardship is another word for salvation. Amen.


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