A New Beginning

(June 14, 2020)

Bottom line: As we make a new beginning he give us his very self as food for our journey.

Welcome back! It feels good to be together after three long months of separation. It's a bit like the Jewish people returning home after the Exile in Babylon. We are a small number but we are not alone. Many parishioners are accompanying us by participating in this live stream Mass. People have been supporting our parish by online donations and by mailing Sunday envelopes. And I was pleased to learn that 55 St. Mary of the Valley families are supporting the Annual Catholic Appeal with pledges over $23 thousand. We are not alone for the journey we face.

This weekend we recognize the food for our journey. Moses says that God "let you be afflicted with hunger and then fed you with manna." Have we not experienced hunger these past months? Maybe not so much physical hunger, but hunger the food that satisfies. Jesus tells us, "For my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink."

We need the Body and Blood of Jesus if we're going to make it to the Promised Land. We've been in Exile and now we are returning. Since this pandemic has come upon us, it will not mean returning to business as usual. Especially after the turmoil of the last 20 days, we know we can't return to business as usual.

We want a new beginning, a new vision. Archbishop Etienne is calling us to a new beginning. He has announced a "Year of the Eucharist" that begins today. More about the Year of the Eucharist next weekend.

Brothers and sisters, we need Jesus. As we make a new beginning Jesus give us his very self as food for our journey. He tells us, "my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink." Amen


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