Homilies for Cycle C

(Fr. Phil Bloom, Pastor St. Mary of the Valley, (Monroe, WA)

First Sunday of Advent: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 1: Religion and Mental Health

Second Advent: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 2: Reject Extreme Materialism and Extreme Spiritualism

Immaculate Conception: Discovering Life's Purpose: from the Moment of Conception

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Discovering Life's Purpose: Beauty/ Descubrir el Proposito de la Vida: Belleza

Third Advent: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 3: The Voice of Conscience

Fourth Advent: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 4: Stillness and Silence

Christmas: Discovering Life's Purpose: Jesus Shows Worth of the Body

Holy Family Sunday: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 5: Family is Essential

New Year's Day: Discovering Life's Purpose: Making a New Beginning

Epiphany: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 6: Science

Baptism of Lord: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 7: Is God Well Pleased with You?

Second Sunday Ordinary Time: Discovering Life's Purpose Week 8: Do Whatever He Tells You

Third Ordinary Sunday: Cleft for Me

Fourth Ordinary: Love Never Fails

Presentation of the Lord: The Fortieth Day of Christmas

Fifth Ordinary: Hitting Bottom

Sixth Ordinary: Trust

Seventh Ordinary: Two Ways to Avoid Judgment

Eighth Ordinary: Be Firm, Steadfast

Ash Wednesday: Fighting ADD

First Sunday of Lent: Him Alone

Second Lent: Is Good

Third Lent:Outrage and Disaster

Fourth Lent: Most Popular Bible Verse

Fifth Lent: How Jesus Enables Us to Refocus

Passion (Palm) Sunday: The Cross Confronts Us

Holy Thursday: Martyrs of Mercy - Sacrament of Mercy

Good Friday: Source of Mercy

Easter Vigil: Born Again

Easter Sunday: The Greatest Gift

Second Sunday of Easter: Two-Step Program

Third Easter: Come, Have Breakfast

Fourth Easter: It's You, Aslan

Fifth Easter: The Only Cure for Fainting Faith

Sixth Easter: Journey that Begins with Easter

Ascension of the Lord:The Eyes of Your Heart

Seventh Easter: That the World May Believe

Pentecost: The Fire of Your Love

Trinity Sunday: We Want to Know

Corpus Christi Sunday: The Best I Can Give You

Tenth Ordinary: Becoming a Disciple Week 1: Young Man, Arise

Eleventh Ordinary Sunday: Becoming a Disciple Week 2: No Excuses

Twelfth Ordinary Becoming a Disciple Week 3: Your True Potential

Birth of John the Baptist: Baptism of Repentance

Thirteenth Ordinary: Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul: What Peter Meant to Paul

Fourteenth Ordinary: Good and Bad Pride

Fifteenth Ordinary: Pride Talks, Humility Walks

Sixteenth Ordinary: Becoming a Disciple Week 7: Listen & Learn

Seventeenth Ordinary: Why Should We Stay?

Eighteenth Ordinary: Vanity of Life and Elusiveness of Truth

Transfiguration: What Lies Beneath

Nineteenth Ordinary: Recommendation for Homily Preparation

Feast of Assumption: I Am In Love

Twentieth Ordinary: The Key to Reaching Our Goal

Twenty-First Ordinary: To Serve As Christ

Twenty-Second Ordinary: Nothing More Beautiful

Twenty-Third Ordinary: Cost of Discipleship

Exaltation of the Holy Cross: A Dangerous Book

Twenty-Fourth Ordinary: Three Parables of Redemption

Twenty-Fifth Ordinary: Time to Take Action

Twenty-Sixth Ordinary: They Have Moses and the Prophets

Twenty-Seventh Sunday: The Certitude of Faith

Twenty-Eighth Sunday: Increase Our Gratitude

Twenty-Ninth Sunday: Thank Then Ask

Thirtieth Sunday: Come to the Truth

Thirty-First Sunday: Zacchaeus, Come Down Quickly

All Saints: Loneliness and Lasting Communion

All Souls: Sister Death

Thirty-Second Sunday: Celibacy and the Resurrection of the Body

Dedication of Lateran Basilica: I Saw Water

Thirty-Third Sunday: This World is Dissolving

Christ the King Sunday: Our Challenge

Thanksgiving Homily: Without Gratitude (bilingual)


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