Homilies for Cycle A

(Fr. Phil Bloom, Pastor St. Mary of the Valley, Monroe, WA)

First Sunday of Advent: Climb the Lord's Mountain

Second Sunday of Advent: Walking with the Afflicted

Immaculate Conception: Under Her Motherly Care

Third Advent: Resisting Happiness Week 3: Delayed Gratitude

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Our Lady of Guadalupe & the Virtue of Persistence

Fourth Advent: Resisting Happiness Week 4: Look for the Mess

Christmas: Long Walk Part of Gift

Holy Family Sunday: Overcoming Bitterness

Mary, Mother of God (New Year's Day): How to Bless Your Children

Epiphany of the Lord Meaning of Gifts of Magi

Baptism of the Lord: Entering The Big Story

Second Ordinary: The Big Story: A Hint About the Final Chapter

Third Ordinary: Jesus' Basic Message

Fourth Ordinary: Hidden Wisdom Week 1- Beatitudes

Presentation of the Lord: Better to Light One Candle

Fifth Ordinary: Thank God Ahead of Time

Sixth Ordinary: Eyes on the Prize

Seventh Ordinary: Be Holy

Eighth Ordinary: Hidden Wisdom Week 5 - Do Not Worry

Ash Wednesday: Wake-up Call for the Soul

First Sunday of Lent: Immersed in the Scriptures

Second Lent: Next Step in Evolution

Third Lent: The First Scrutiny

Fourth Lent: The Second Scrutiny

Fifth Lent: The Third Scrutiny

Passion (Palm) Sunday: Power in Blood

Holy Thursday: Allow God to Serve You

Good Friday: Why We Long to be Back Together

Easter Vigil: Born Again

Easter Sunday: Honestly Examine the Evidence

Second Sunday Easter: Let Go of Your Anger

Third Easter: Answering Objections

Fourth Easter: Moving Out of Isolation

Fifth Easter: Do Not Let Your Hearts be Troubled

Sixth Easter: How Tremendous Are Your Deeds!

Ascension of the Lord: To Judge the Living and the Dead

Pentecost: Healing of Memories

Trinity Sunday: What is Heaven?

Corpus Christi Sunday: A New Beginning

Ninth Ordinary Sunday: Knowing Jesus - and Being Known by Him

Tenth Ordinary: Like Spring Rain

Eleventh Ordinary: A Firm, But Compassionate Father

Father's Day Homily

Birth of John the Baptist: Baptism of Repentance

Twelfth Ordinary: Fulcrum of History

Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul: Did Jesus Found the Church?

Thirteenth Ordinary: Small Things with Great Love

Fourteenth Ordinary: I Give You Praise, Father

Fifteenth Ordinary: Glorious Freedom

Sixteenth Ordinary: Spiritual Warfare Week 5: Leave the Separation to God

Seventeenth Ordinary: Evil is Like the Coronavirus

Eighteenth Ordinary:Jesus Reveals Hidden Treasure

Transfiguration: Spiritual Warfare Week 7: A Father Who Keeps His Promise

Nineteenth Ordinary: Not Color Blind but Color Blessed

Feast of Assumption: Patroness of the Unborn

Twentieth Ordinary: Three Steps of Prayer

Twenty-First Ordinary: They Love Their Freedom

Twenty-Second Ordinary: Recover Prayer

Twenty-Third Ordinary:Are Humans Naturally Good and Loving?

Exaltation of the Holy Cross: Finding Your Place Week 6

Twenty-Fourth Ordinary: Making Space for Others

Twenty-Fifth Ordinary: Are You Envious?

Twenty-Sixth Ordinary: Be of the Same Mind

Twenty-Seventh Ordinary: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Twenty-Eighth Ordinary: Secularism Destroys the Soul

Twenty-Ninth Ordinary: Return to God

Thirtieth Sunday: As Yourself

All Saints: The Most Consequential Election

All Souls: Solidarity Week 1

Thirty-First Sunday: Against All Forms of Idolatry

Funeral Homily for Major Robert D. Lindenau

Thirty-Second Sunday: The Fire of Christ

Dedication of Lateran Basilica: Solidarity Week 2

Thirty-Third Sunday: The Three Blessings of Working for Jesus

Christ the King Sunday: You Did It To Me

Thanksgiving Homily: Gratitude in Time of Pandemic

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