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(by Fr Phil Bloom)

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God Has a Plan "Some saints struggled all their lives with addictions and terrible depression. Like John the Baptist, however, they recognized that what looks random does have behind it a plan - and a Planner..." (December 15, 2019 - Third Sunday of Advent, Cycle A)

Walking with the Afflicted "This year the Second Sunday of Advent falls on December 8, the traditional day of Mary's Immaculate Conception. Sometimes people confuse the Immaculate Conception of Mary with the Virginal Conception of Jesus. Let me sum up the difference..." (December 8, 2019 - Second Sunday of Advent, Cycle A)

Climb the Lord's Mountain "Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles has a nice suggestion for picturing this mountain. He says the best image is right here in Washington state..." (December 1, 2019 - First Sunday of Advent, Cycle A)

Take Thanksgiving to a New Level "We can learn from that Confederate soldier to trust God, to take thanksgiving to a new level..." (November 28, 2019 - Thanksgiving - bilingual)

Our Challenge "The Romans mock Jesus because they see him as the lowest, most miserable man in Jerusalem. But they are wrong...." (November 24, 2019 - Christ the King, Cycle C)

This World is Dissolving "To destroy the temple was like bringing down the cosmos itself. Like the people who listened to Jesus, we live in the end times..." (November 17, 2019 - Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Celibacy and the Resurrection of the Body "This does not mean Jesus devalues marriage. His first miracle he worked for a young married couple - and Jesus identified himself as..." (November 10, 2019 - Thirty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Zacchaeus, Come Down Quickly "In Zacchaeus we see the key steps of discipleship: 1) Curiosity - he wants to see Jesus. 2)..." (November 3, 2019 - Thirty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Come to the Truth God is Truth. He cannot take part in a lie. The tax collector sees the truth. We follow his example. We begin Mass by saying..." (October 27, 2019 - Thirtieth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Thank Then Ask Never stop praying - day or night. Periodically I wake up in the middle of the night. Just reaching for my rosary beads and holding them seems like a good prayer. If I don't fall back to sleep..." (October 20, 2019 - Twenty-Ninth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Increase Our Gratitude "Last week we said to Jesus, 'Increase our faith'. We could just as well say, 'Increase our gratitude'. By gratitude faith increases..." (October 13, 2019 - Twenty-Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

The Certitude of Faith "St. John Henry Newman shows the lukewarm how they can come to the certitude of faith. Newman begins with something simple...." (October 6, 2019 - Twenty-Seventh Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

They Have Moses and the Prophets "How did the rich man find himself on the wrong side? Jesus gives a clue. He says that the man 'dressed in purple garments and fine linen and dined sumptuously each day'...." (September 29, 2019 - Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Time to Take Action "For sure most don't deliberately reject God. They ignore him. They think that even if he does exist, he doesn't matter. In face of this apathy Jesus tells a parable meant to deliberately shock...." (September 22, 2019 - Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Three Parables of Redemption "A sheep, unlike a coin, has some agency. If it gets lost it can bleat. Bishop Robert Barron tells about spending a night in a rural area..." (September 15, 2019 - Twenty-Fourth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Cost of Discipleship "I am in Ashland OR this weekend for the Shakespeare Festival. While I may not be giving a homily I note three points regarding today's Gospel about the cost of discipleship..." (September 8, 2019 - Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Nothing More Beautiful "I might feel more comfortable with screen time enclosed in my own world, but humility means getting out where I may not be number one..." (September 1, 2019 - Twenty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

To Serve As Christ "As you will hear Archbishop Bishop Sartain explain, the phrase 'as Christ' does not just mean imitating Christ as we serve others..." (August 25, 2019 - Twenty-First Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

The Key to Reaching Our Goal "Some are obviously on fire with their faith in Jesus. Others seem more like embers that need some gentle tending..." (August 18, 2019 - Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C - Bilingual for Outdoor Mass)

Recommendation for Homily Preparation "Much more important than a homilist's pride is what Jeremiah says, "When I found your words I devoured them". Before we preach we want to interiorize the Scripture readings. For example, in today's Gospel, what does 'gird your loins' refer to? ..." (August 11, 2019 - Nineteen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Vanity of Life and Elusiveness of Truth "As Bishop Barron points out, 'of the 400 or so crimes reported, precisely 2 occurred after 2002'. Here in Seattle we can say something similar..." (August 4, 2019 - Eighteen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Why Should We Stay? When you consider the level of devastation it's hard not to see that the devil orchestrated these awful events. What's the devil's game? Peter Blatty addresses that question in the Exorcist..'" (July 28, 2019 - Seventeen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Diabolical Masterpiece "This scandal, Bishop Barron says, 'has corroded Catholic credibility so completely that the Church's work in evangelization, catechesis, preaching, outreach to the poor, recruitment of vocations, and education has been crippled. And most terribly...'" (July 21, 2019 - Sixteen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Pride Talks, Humility Walks "In today's Gospel the scholar of the law - the scribe - embodies pride. He studied hard, for sure, and he has knowledge which could greatly help others. Instead he uses his knowledge to show himself superior..." (July 14, 2019 - Fiftteen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Good and Bad Pride "One day a graffiti appeared on a wall: Yankee, go home. That night I felt bad. Next day the same graffiti was there: Yankee, go home. But someone had written below...." (July 7, 2019 - Fourteen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

Lead Us Not Into Temptation "The pope has been subject to many controversies - some real, some manufactured by the press. Maybe you saw headlines about Pope Francis 'changing the Our Father'..." (June 30, 2019 - Thirteen Sunday of Ordinary Time, Cycle C)

The Best I Can Give You "At times I may have let you down. Perhaps I hurt you. I ask forgiveness. But there is one thing I have not failed to do..." (June 23, 2019 - Corpus Christi - Body and Blood of Jesus Cycle C)

We Want to Know "Back in 1841 people lined the docks of New York. There weren't there to receive a family member or to see the latest fashions from Paris..." (June 16, 2019 - Trinity Sunday, Cycle C)

Fire of Your Love "Like Shakespeare I say, 'In sooth, I know not why I am so sad.' But you know at precisely that moment something amazing happens..." (June 9, 2019 - Pentecost Sunday, Cycle C)

The Eyes of Your Heart "In the Bible the heart is the place of planning and deciding. As Bishop Sklba observes the 'eyes of the heart' enable a person to "plan wisely and well'..." (June 2, 2019 - Ascension Sunday, Cycle C)

Journey that Begins with Easter "So we can acknowledge the Big Bang and the gradual unfolding of evolution. For us the center and goal is the one who says today..." (May 26, 2019 - Sixth Sunday of Easter, Cycle C)

The Only Cure for Fainting Faith "The question this Sunday is: What sustains us in the journey? To reach the New Jerusalem, God gives us a special food. A famous story can help understand the food God gives us...." (May 19, 2019 - Fifth Sunday of Easter, Cycle C - Mother's Day)

It's You, Aslan "To me the Narnia stories beautifully illustrate what it means to know Jesus and in him to have eternal life. One of my favorite scenes is at the end of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader..." (May 12, 2019 - Fourth Sunday of Easter, Cycle C - Mother's Day)

Come, Have Breakfast "It's not easy to keep the net intact. We can always find reasons for pulling away from our pope and bishop. Yet Jesus has given them an essential ministry..." (May 5, 2019 - Third Sunday of Easter, Cycle C)

Two-Step Program " Like every human being I have emotions of doubt, but I don't want to be ruled by emotions. So I said that prayer, 'God, show me you exist.'..." (April 28, 2019 - Second Sunday of Easter - Divine Mercy)

Let's Rebuild "If Jesus did not rise from the dead, Notre Dame is just one more museum...." (April 21, 2019 - Easter Sunday)

Return to Sanity "Without God sin dominates our lives, makes us blind and deranged. To return to sanity we look to the cross..." (April 19, 2019 - Good Friday)

Central Issue "Benedict XVI's reflections deserve careful reading, more than headlines which announce that he 'blames the sixties' or 'blames homosexuals' or 'is criticizing Pope Francis.'..." (April 18, 2019 - Holy Thursday)

The Cross Confronts Us "You can run, but you can't hide. Many have convinced themselves that science has disproved God's existence. It does no such thing..." (April 14, 2019 - Palm Sunday, Cycle C)

How Jesus Enables Us to Refocus "The man who promised he would always care for her, well, he has vanished. She wants to die - and the community has condemned her to death. She has lost everything...." (April 7, 2019 - Fifth Sunday of Lent, Cycle C)

Most Popular Bible Verse "That fear is well-founded. Big brother is more than ready to throw little brother's moral failure in face...No wonder the favorite Bible verse is about ...." (March 31, 2019 - Fourth Sunday of Lent, Cycle C)

Outrage and Disaster "Jesus tells us what to do when hear about outrages and disasters - not to think we are somehow superior to the victims, but that we should examine our own hearts." (March 24, 2019 - Third Sunday of Lent, Cycle C)

Is Good "Patrick could have said, 'I will never go back to that island'. Or 'I'll get my revenge.' Instead he saw his misfortune as part of God's providence..." (March 17, 2019 - Second Sunday of Lent, Cycle C)

Him Alone "St. Luke tells us the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert for 40 days 'to be tempted by the devil.' Who is the devil? The word devil come from a Greek word that means..." (March 10, 2019 - First Sunday of Lent, Cycle C)

Fighting ADD "For Ash Wednesday Fr Sica tells about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. As a boy he traveled across country with his grandparents..." (March 6, 2019 - Ash Wednesday)

Be Firm, Steadfast "The forty year old Sister and the young soldier stared at each other in silence. Finally the soldier said'..." (March 3, 2019 - Eighth Ordinary Sunday, Cycle C)

Hitting Bottom "To come to Jesus you and I in some sense need to hit bottom. God forbid that we should contemplate suicide. There's a better way to 'hit bottom'" (February 10, 2019 - Fifth Ordinary Sunday, Cycle C)

Love Never Fails "The important thing is that criticism and rejection did not deter Jesus from his mission. You can sum up that mission in one word..." (February 3, 2019 - Fourth Ordinary Sunday, Cycle C)

Cleft for Me "Remembering that Martin Luther King had attempted suicide as youth, the friend was thinking he might now plunge to his death. Moving closer, Dr. King asked, "Do you see that rock?" (January 27, 2019 - Third Ordinary Sunday, Cycle C)

Seeking a Bride "This helps explain why Jesus performs his first miracle at a wedding feast. It's strange when you think about it. " (January 20, 2019 - Second Ordinary Sunday, Cycle C)

Not Worthy "Many people follow the "I'm OK, You're OK" approach to life. It's a pleasant philosophy, but is it really true?..." (January 13, 2019 - Baptism of the Lord)

Surrender to Jesus "Like the Magi he worships Jesus and opens his treasures - his life, his amazing intellect. For me it was not so dramatic - or so consequential - as the conversion of C.S. Lewis..." (January 6, 2019 - Epiphany)

Surrender "I am grateful for every act of thoughtfulness. I received a gift that I particularly valued...." (January 1, 2019 - Mary Mother of God)


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