Catholic Homilies 2017

(by Fr Phil Bloom)

Current Homilies

Begin the Year with Fasting and Prayer "Young people want family. They even want a traditional family. Here's an even more surprising result. They asked young adults, once again 18 to 24, if "the husband should make all the important decisions in the family." Brace yourself..." (December 31, 2017 - Holy Family Sunday)

Exchange of Gifts "Diane spent the night unhappy and puzzled. 'It seemed such a cruel thing to happen to a little boy,' she writes..." (December 25, 2017 - Christmas Homily)

God's Thirst, Our Thirst Week 4: Nothing Impossible With God "Last Sunday I celebrated 46 years of priesthood. When I think of all my stumbling, all the confusion and decline since the 60's, all my own weaknesses and times of discouragement, when I think about all this, I can only say..." (December 24, 2017 - Fourth Sunday of Advent, Year B)

God's Thirst, Our Thirst Week 3: Pray Without Ceasing "When I am aware of God, I connect better with others. Maybe you're thinking: Well, there's people I'd rather not connect with..." (December 17, 2017 - Third Sunday of Advent, Year B)

God's Thirst, Our Thirst Week 2: Inner Poverty "There are only two kinds of men: the righteous who think they are sinners and the sinners who think they are righteous." (December 10, 2017 - Second Sunday of Advent, Year B)

God's Thirst, Our Thirst Week 1: Misery and Magnificence "This vileness applies not only to people caught in public scandals, but also to each of us. I mean, how is it we see readily recognize the abominations of others?" (December 3, 2017 - First Sunday of Advent, Year B)

Most Distressing Disguise "How should we understand this parable of sheep and goats? It's important to recall the context..." (November 26, 2017 - Christ the King, Year A)

Partnership with God "For me these parables bring back memories of my first year as a priest..." (November 19, 2017 - Thirty-Third Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

How to Have Oil for Your Lamp "And how do we get ready to meet Jesus? If we pay close attention to the parable the answer is simple..." (November 12, 2017 - Thirty-Second Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Most Misunderstood Form of Communication "There's another form of communication. It's been around so long and we use it so often that we don't think of it as communication. Jesus speaks about it a lot..." (November 5, 2017 - Thirty-First Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Working for One Flock with One Shepherd "Before the Reformation we had one pope. Now it seems like we have thousands..." (October 29, 2017 - Thirtieth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Your Work of Faith "His brother told me that when he went to identify Narciso's body, the skull was battered beyond recognition. On his chest, however..." (October 22, 2017 - Twenty-Ninth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Web Woven Over All Nations "Earlier this year I experienced the web of death in a more personal way - the tragic death of my Peruvian godson, Fr. Narciso Valencia..." (October 15, 2017 - Twenty-Eighth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living "Disclaimer: I am a terrible worrier. I worry about money. I worry about what people think about me. I worry about not doing my job properly. I hear other people's problems and I worry about them!..." (October 8, 2017 - Twenty-Seventh Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Mercifully Fair "Some people ask: How can a choice a person makes at the end of life determine where he spends eternity? God has a counter question..." (October 1, 2017 - Twenty-Sixth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Fruitful Labor "And if you are old, don't think, 'I've done plenty; now I can retire.' For sure God does have a retirement plan - it's out of this world!" (September 24, 2017 - Twenty-Fifth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Making Space for Others "They had three children and were looking for a place to sit. The regular parishioners occupied the premium seats - those in the back of the church and the outsides of the pews. No one moved..." (September 17, 2017 - Twenty-Fourth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Are Humans Naturally Good and Loving? "At the beginning of Mass you and I admit, 'I have greatly sinned...' Those aren't empty words. It's truth, empirically verified truth..." (September 10, 2017 - Twenty-Third Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 11: Costly Grace "Last week I mentioned the basic principle of body building - no pain, no gain. I haven't made much gain in that department. I do hope to do better in renewal of the mind..." (September 3, 2017 - Twenty-Second Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 10: The Burden of Community "What that priest did upset me. At the same time I understood. Community is a a burden...." (August 27, 2017 - Twenty-First Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 9: Ingathering "That ingathering begins today when Jesus responds to the Canaanite woman. At first negative. Jesus sometimes says "no" to our prayers...." (August 20, 2017 - Twentieth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)
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Spiritual Warfare Week 8: Strategy of God & the Enemy "This is like saying: 'I don't believe in God, I believe in the periodic table!' It's nonsense of course but the enemy keeps him distracted so he never reflects on the flaw in his thinking..." (August 13, 2017 - Nineteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 7: A Father Who Keeps His Promise "Everybody standing there heard him as he turned to his friends and said, 'See, I told you my father wouldn't forget us...'" (August 6, 2017 - Solemnity of the Transfiguration, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 6: Make a Smart Investment "At the beginning of the 13th Century, a young man gave away everything including the clothes off his back to dedicate himself to Jesus. His father reacted furiously..." (July 30, 2017 - Seventeenth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 5: Leave the Separation to God "Paul transformed from Christian persecutor to Christian proponent. The same can happen to the person who scoffs as you go to Mass or leaves an anti-Christian message on Facebook..." (July 23, 2017 - Sixteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 4: Relax & Pray "The obstacles in our lives can seem like thorns and sharp pebbles, but God will bring the harvest. This is powerfully illustrated by the Lord of the Rings. ..." (July 16, 2017 - Fifteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 3: The Yoke of Jesus "Sometimes farm animals will be unequally yoked. For training purposes a farmer might yoke a bullock with an ox. The ox pulls the entire load..." (July 9, 2017 - Fourteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 2: Jesus First "G.K. Chesterton observed "'My country, right or wrong,' is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, 'My mother, drunk or sober.'" (July 2, 2017 - Thirteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Spiritual Warfare Week 1: Why This Theme? "I gave them this question: What is God's plan for St. Mary of the Valley? As we look toward the 2017-2018 faith formation year, what does God want us to do? From this discernment a major concern emerged..." (June 25, 2017 - Twelfth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Life in Christ Week 10: High Point "From the earliest days Christians have seen the Eucharist not only as a symbol of how Jesus satisfies our spiritual hunger, but as real food. It's interesting that in times of doubt God has confirmed this realism by Eucharistic miracles. " (June 18, 2017 - Corpus Christi Sunday, Year A)

Life in Christ Week 9: Invitation "At the Monroe prison one of the guards asked me, 'Father, what's the verse for today?'" (June 11, 2017 - Trinity Sunday, Year A)

Life in Christ Week 8: Source of Power "How can you and I tap into that power? Let me suggest one way: Pay attention to the peaks and valleys..." (June 4, 2017 - Pentecost Sunday)

Life in Christ Week 7: Mission "Jesus does not give heaven on earth; he gives a mission..." (May 28, 2017 - Ascension of Jesus)

Life in Christ Week 6: Ask "I remember once facing financial difficulties. It seemed like my parish was sinking and me with it...." (May 21, 2017 - Sixth Sunday of Easter)

Life in Christ Week 5: Give Thanks to the Lord "a Jewish prayer called Dayenu which means, 'It would be sufficient.' I've been thinking about that prayer in relation to the death of my Peruvian godson..." (May 14, 2017 - Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Life in Christ Week 4: Gratitude "Archbishop Sartain tells a humorous story about how much we have received and how little gratitude we have..." (May 7, 2017 - Fourth Sunday of Easter)

Life in Christ Week 3: Walk with Jesus "Word and Sacrament; the Bible and the Mass - both are essential to our walk with Jesus. And the Gospel shows another detail..." (April 30, 2017 - Third Sunday of Easter)

Life in Christ Week 2: Take the Plunge "This Sunday I offer...a Bible study appropriately titled, 'Take the Plunge!"' It will give you a method for using the Bible to pray and for understanding the original meaning - the text in context..." (April 23, 2017 - Divine Mercy Sunday)

Life in Christ Week 1: His Will is Our Peace "Life in Christ involves obedience, that is, listening to God, embracing his will. An Italian poet helped me understand this...." (April 16, 2017 - Easter Sunday)

Three Responses to Innocent Suffering "To this suffering there are three responses: One, to turn it off, to shut it out and say there is nothing I can do. A second response is guilt: Why do I...." (April 14, 2017 - Good Friday)

Testimony from Bishop-Elect Mueggenborg "Bishop-elect Daniel Mueggenborg said he felt reluctant to serve the Mass, but finally accepted. It turned out that the priest saying the Mass was Fr. Stanley Rother, also a native of Okarche a small town in central Oklahoma...." (April 13, 2017 - Holy Thursday)

Best Lent Ever Week 6: Thy Will Be Done "What does it mean to do the will of the Father? For each of us, it will mean something different. A famous story illustrates that..." (April 9, 2017 - Palm Sunday)

Best Lent Ever Week 5: If You Died Today "Matthew Kelly interviewed hospice nurses concerning what dying people talk about. He lists 24 things they say they would have done differently. I'll let you read them all, but three stood out..." (April 2, 2017 - Fifth Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 4: Become a Continuous Learner "A good book merits re-reading. Books that I value I have read 3 or 4 times - and one book I have read dozens of times..." (March 26, 2017 - Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 3: A Good Listener "As Matthew Kelly observes in Resisting Happiness, 'Most people think they are good listeners...But compared to what?'" (March 19, 2017 - Third Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 2: Create Life-Giving Habits "These destructive habits we can overcome by replacing them with life-changing habits. And where's the best place to start?..." (March 12, 2017 - Second Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 1: Prayer Changes Everything "I've noticed that when I sit down to pray, certain thoughts will flood my mind. I remember what I have in the refrigerator and how good a grilled cheese sandwich would taste. Or I start thinking about..." (March 5, 2017 - First Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever: Even Now "Take a small step. Surprising as it sounds, you may have never really prayed. A study showed..." (March 1, 2017 - Ash Wednesday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 5 - Do Not Worry "I'm not responsible for the pope or the president.* I have to admit, I do enjoy judging him and other politicians, but maybe I need to listen to Paul..." (February 26, 2017 - Eighth Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 4 - Be Perfect "How do people typically look at each other? Well, you already know: we divide into factions and we look at the other side as if they were idiots. I've used the word, haven't you?..." (February 19, 2017 - Seventh Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 3- About Adultery, Murder & Perjury "Jesus is telling us that, contrary to what many think, lust, anger and equivocation have serious consequences. These failings are difficult to avoid, but there is a remedy..." (February 12, 2017 - Sixth Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 2- Salt and Light "You and I may not have such dramatic moments to be salt and light. But even in our abundant society we encounter the abandoned and lost - perhaps in our own families..." (February 5, 2017 - Fifth Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 1- Beatitudes "We see that hidden wisdom in today's Gospel - the Beatitudes. We've heard them so often that they tend to have a soothing quality but really they should jar us. Jesus describes things that people naturally avoid: poverty, loss of loved ones, sexual abstinence, insults, getting put down with no way of getting back.." (January 29, 2017 - Fourth Ordinary Sunday)

They Left their Boat and their Father "Why wait? Studies show that when a man and woman have made a basic commitment of their lives, they gain little and can lose a lot by waiting..." (January 22, 2017 - Third Ordinary Sunday)

Meaning of Gifts of Magi "the second century writer, Irenaeus of Lyon, gives the most likely interpretation: the gifts signify..." (January 8, 2017 - Epiphany Sunday)

How to Bless Your Children "'As we begin the New Year, I ask you to make this resolution: Bless those who are close to you. At first it may be awkward..." (January 1, 2017 - New Years Homily)


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