Catholic Homilies 2008

(by Fr Phil Bloom)

Current Homilies

The Dignity of Marriage "With so much confusion (and outright distortion) on the meaning of marriage, this is a good moment to review the basics..." (Holy Family Sunday, December 28, 2008)

The Tiny Footsteps of Jesus "To begin this Christmas homily, I would like to tell you about a girl who wanted a special gift - the greatest gift anyone could ask for..." (Christmas, December 25, 2008)

The Greatest Boast of our Race "One of the good things we can do this time of year is help our fellow Christians see the important role of Mary. I heard about a priest who did this in a somewhat amusing way..." (Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 21, 2008)

Too Serious to Take Seriously "When the person blows on the candle, it goes out - but then the flame suddenly pops up again. Our lives are like that. Death appears to end one's life, but we will immediately re-appear before God. You cannot extinguish a human soul..." (Third Sunday of Advent, December 14, 2008)

Sins of Impatience "Fornication, adultery, pornography, cohabitation and contraception are sins of impatience. Rather than respecting God's plan for marriage and human sexuality, a person wants it all and he wants it now. As a society - for about fifty years - we have been experimenting with cohabitation (living together) and contraception (birth control)..." (Second Sunday of Advent, December 7, 2008)

The Diagnosis "A Democrat and Republican were having lunch together. The Republican was taking the Democrat to task. 'You guys,' he said, 'are ruining the country...'" (First Sunday of Advent, November 30, 2008)

First Fruits "On Christ the King Sunday we affirm that Jesus is the key to creation and human history. St. Francis de Sales makes a helpful comparison..." (Christ the King Sunday, November 23, 2008)

Take a Step "People will find money for what is important to them. A few years ago, during an economic decline, Americans spent thirteen billion dollars for cosmetic surgery. It is not a sin, but..." (Thirty-third Ordinary Sunday, November 16, 2008)

Worth Fighting For "When all is said and done, there is only one thing truly worth fighting for..." (Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica, November 9, 2008)

Homily for Funeral of Major Robert D. Lindenau "Bob had a deep faith in Jesus - and he expressed that faith in his will. He gave two specific instructions. The first is somewhat humorous..."

Baptized Into His Death "Bob could also talk openly about his struggles and need for forgiveness. On his shoulder he has a tattoo that shows a man in a state of exhaustion being held up by the Lord..." (All Souls Day, November 2, 2008)

An Aspect of Love "We are made for Love, to receive love and to show love to others. That´s why we're here. That's our purpose. And it has very practical consequences - including the political kind..." (Thirtieth Ordinary Sunday, October 26, 2008)

Render Unto Caesar "Archbishop Chaput explains that he wrote the book because a friend asked him to do it. His friend is a young attorney who ran for the Colorado General Assembly on the Democratic ticket..." (Twenty-Ninth Ordinary Sunday, October 19, 2008)

He Leased It to Tenants "It is hard to read today's parable and not think about our nation's financial mess. The parable describes greed, reckless ambition and astounding mismanagement..." (Twenty-Seventh Ordinary Sunday, October 5, 2008)

Two Paths "Today's readings speak about two paths: One leads to sadness, isolation, impotence, rage - and death. The other path leads to purpose, communion, serenity, power - and life...'" (Twenty-Sixth Ordinary Sunday, September 28, 2008)

They Thought They Would Receive More "The presidential candidate said that the middle class includes people earning up to $150,000 a year. All of a sudden I was thinking, 'One hundred fifty thousand dollars. I am far from making that...'" (Twenty-Fifth Ordinary Sunday, September 21, 2008)

The Center of Human History "Then the men fell on one knee, removed their helmets or hats and prayed quietly. The sight of five hundred men kneeling before a bare cross made a deep impression on the native people..." (Exaltation of the Holy Cross, September 14, 2008)

He Died in the Trenches "When Father Ratti was 61 years old, Pope Benedict XV asked him to leave his scholarly pursuits to become papal nuncio to Poland. Three years later, Pope Benedict died and the cardinals elected Achille Ratti to succeed him..." (Twenty-Third Ordinary Sunday, September 7, 2008)

Not Spiritual, But Religious "When I pray, I am beset by distractions...I am more sensual than spiritual and I have to keep bringing my mind back. Bishop Sheen used to tell about the saint who encountered a man that claimed he could pray with no distractions..." (Twenty-Second Ordinary Sunday, August 31, 2008)

Three Unavoidable Questions "There are three questions that no thinking person can avoid. Everything depends on how one answers them..." (Twenty-First Ordinary Sunday, August 24, 2008)

Help Me, Lord "I don't know about you, but today's Gospel contains my most common prayer. I pray it more often than the Our Father..." (Twentieth Ordinary Sunday, August 17, 2008)

For the Sake of My Own People "President Harry Truman gave a good lesson when he visited Mexico in 1947. He paid a visit to the monument of the Niños Heroes - the six adolescent boys who died defending the Chapultepec Castle during the Mexican-American War..." (Nineteenth Ordinary Sunday, August 10, 2008)

Come to the Water "The story is told about four men adrift on the Atlantic Ocean near the equator. They were so thirsty that they were trying to squeeze moisture from the pieces of canvas on their small lifeboat..." (Eighteenth Ordinary Sunday, August 3, 2008)

All Things Work for Good "Her parents could have said, '23 is enough,' and no one would have said they lacked generosity. Still, if they had not had their twenty-fourth child, they would have deprived the world of a remarkable saint..." (Seventeenth Ordinary Sunday, July 27, 2008)

Allow Them to Grow Together "What Jesus says about the weeds and wheat also applies to our souls. Not that we should tolerate sin in our lives, but we need to recognize that the same energy behind some bad habit can be an energy for good. Let me illustrate..." (Sixteenth Ordinary Sunday, July 20, 2008)

Power of the Seed "We live in a world where people are hungry - some physically hungry, but many more starving spiritually. Instead of receiving something that will nourish them, they are getting the equivalent of junk food. Think about how we have come to accept abortion, homosexuality, cohabitation, birth control, in vitro fertilization, gambling and pornography..." (Fifteenth Ordinary Sunday, July 13, 2008)

Not Debtors to the Flesh "I mention the national debt in order to make a comparison. Along with the all the good things we have received as Americans, we have inherited a debt. Similarly, along with all the good things we have received as human beings, we have inherited another debt..." (Fourteenth Ordinary Sunday, July 6, 2008)

Year of St. Paul "This weekend we inaugurate the Year of St. Paul. We are doing it to commemorate the 2000th birthday of the great apostle. It is a birthday worth celebrating..." (Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29, 2008)

The Ugly Truth "When I hear about the sudden death of someone close to my age - like Tim Russert - I have to admit that it makes me think. Is there some part of my life that I am foolishly trying to hide from the Lord? I cannot judge Tim Russert. He seemed like a good man and a good Catholic..." (Twelfth Ordinary Sunday, June 22, 2008)

A Firm, But Compassionate Father "Today I would like to tell you about a father who had an unruly son..." (Eleventh Ordinary Sunday, June 15, 2008)

Like Spring Rain "Hoping for a miracle, they asked the priest to go with them to the top a hill and offer a Mass. The priest admits that he was a little embarrassed because the people's faith was so much greater than his, but he accepted their invitation..." (Tenth Ordinary Sunday, June 8, 2008)

Be My Rock "They asked him, 'Didn't you shake with fear when you were hanging on that rock?' 'Yes,' he replied, 'but the rock didn't.'" (Ninth Ordinary Sunday, June 1, 2008)

Who May Receive Communion? "Since one is Democrat and the other Republican, clearly the bishops are not acting in a partisan manner. Still, the bishops' action surprised some people. What business, they ask, do the bishops have telling someone they should not receive Communion?" (Corpus Christi Sunday, May 25, 2008)

Family as Origin and Goal "The Thrill of the Caste is much more than a manual for young people. Dawn keeps her eye on what ultimately matters - the relationship with God that involves every other good relationship...." (Trinity Sunday, May 18, 2008)

Double Gift "Jesus imparts the Holy Spirit on two different occasions. Why does he do that? St. Augustine has an interesting response to the question..." (Pentecost Sunday, May 11, 2008)

Ascension Quotes "Moses brought out of Egypt a timid nation, and in the space of forty years trained it to be full of valor for the task of conquering the promised land; Christ in forty days trains his apostles to be bold and patient instead of cowards..." (Feast of Ascension, May 4, 2008)

Not Leave You Orphans "One orphan girl stands out: Francisca. Her mom died in childbirth and her dad could not take care of her, so he entrusted his tiny child to the Vincentian Daughters of Charity..." (Sixth Sunday of Easter, April 27, 2008)

A Virgin Path "Pope Benedict's visit to our county could not help but evoke comparisons with his predecessor...The difference between these two pontiffs underscores the fact that each of us must come to Jesus by a particular path..." (Fifth Sunday of Easter, April 20, 2008)

Door We Never Opened "In a haunting poem, T.S. Eliot speaks about a 'door we never opened...'" (Fourth Sunday of Easter, April 13, 2008)

The Incorruptibles "While visiting the sick, Pier Giorgio contracted a disease that killed him at the age of 24. In 1981 - almost six decades after his death - they exhumed his body as part of the canonization process. A surprise met them..." (Third Sunday of Easter, April 6, 2008)

Reconciliation "At first I did not want his apology. The man had committed the crime of vehicular assault and property destruction. Moreover, children were in our group when he assaulted us..." (Second Sunday of Easter - Divine Mercy, March 30, 2008)

His Will Is Our Peace "Dante asks her if the souls on this lowest sphere aren't perhaps a little bit unhappy, maybe they yearn for a higher place in heaven..." (Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008)

According to Your Word "This does not mean we merrily continue to sin - anymore than we should thoughtlessly pollute the ocean and the atmosphere. What we need to do is.." (Good Friday, March 21, 2008)

Grandma, Can I Wash Your Feet? "One of my favorite memories of my mother was when my college-age niece asked her, 'Grandma, can I wash your feet?'" (Holy Thursday, March 20, 2008)

Your Will Be Done "The monk's words shocked the king, but he obeyed and became one of the fairest rulers in Europe..." (Palm Sunday, March 16, 2008)

Overcoming Power of Death "Robert Schuman could easily have given in to the power of death - as did many people who turned cynical after the horrors of World War II. But he did not..." (Fifth Sunday in Lent, March 9, 2008)

Small Gesture with Enormous Promise "Su-Chin calls out, 'Your baby has a beating heart… it can feel pain… and it has fingernails!' At the word 'fingernails,' Juno turns around and says, 'Really?'" (Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 2, 2008)

Why So Dissatisfied? "Cardinal Ratzinger observed that 'politicians of all parties take it for granted that they need to promise changes.' He notes that there is 'a deep and prevailing sense of dissatisfaction precisely in those places where prosperity and freedom have attained hitherto unknown heights...'" (Third Sunday in Lent, February 24, 2008)

Visit of Fr. Peter West (Second Sunday in Lent, February 17, 2008)

The Devil is a Logician "G.K. Chesterton said, 'Poets do not go mad; but chess-players do.' The tragic life of Bobby Fisher illustrates that saying..." (First Sunday in Lent, February 10, 2008)

When You Give Alms "The force of material riches attracts us and they can easily become an idol. If that happens, we cut ourselves off from God..." (Ash Wednesday, February 6, 2008)

Maybe Yes, Maybe No "Many years ago a man received a magnificent horse. All his neighbors came to admire the horse. They said to him, 'you are the luckiest man in our village.' The man replied, 'Maybe yes, maybe no'..." (Fourth Ordinary Sunday, February 3, 2008)

When John Had Been Arrested "An aggressive segment of our society wants to re-define marriage. Part of their strategy involves intimidating Christians by accusing us of teaching hate. In one case, they brought a lawsuit against a bishop..." (Third Ordinary Sunday, January 27, 2008)

Why Does Human Life Have Value? "Washington state has a former governor who considers his life so worthless that he wishes to end it. But he does not want to do it by jumping off a bridge or taking an overdose. He wants to implicate the rest of us and the medical profession in his suicide..." (Second Ordinary Sunday, January 20, 2008)

Road to Sanity "As he lay in bed, the window appeared to expand until it reached the floor. He heard a mocking voice in his mind saying, 'What if you threw yourself out of that window?'...'" (Baptism of the Lord, January 13, 2008)

Where the Sun Is "Carl Sagan said, 'we are star stuff.' That is a poetic phrase and it is true as far as it goes...'" (Epiphany of the Lord, January 6, 2008)

A Fresh Start "This breakdown was dramatically symbolized by what happened here in King County on Christmas Eve. A young woman, together with her boyfriend, coldly murdered her parents, her brother and sister-in-law and their two small children...'" (Mary Mother of God, January 1, 2008)


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