Catholic Homilies

(by Fr Phil Bloom)

Becoming a Disciple Week 5: Pursuit of Happinessy "Now let's be clear: Although the future of our country depends on the work of disciple makers, we do not make disciples to save America..." (July3, 2016 - Fourteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

Becoming a Disciple Week 4: Consistency "One survey question asked women whether they would prefer financial security or emotional security. Here's the exact question..." (June 26, 2016 - Thirteenth Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

Becoming a Disciple Week 3: Your True Potential "Pope Francis has a Sleeping St. Joseph in his office. Under it he places prayer requests. Iíve started to do the same..." (June 19, 2016 - Twelfth Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

Becoming a Disciple Week 2: No Excuses "I can think of reasons I would be better off crawling into a hole. But, you know, when I read the Bible, when I sit down to pray, I recognize that's all a bunch of excuses..." (June 12, 2016 - Eleventh Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

Becoming a Disciple Week 1 "We can feel that we lost a child. Like the prophet Elijah we can ask God why this has happened..." (June 5, 2016 - Tenth Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

Not a Prize for the Perfect "Next to him Lady Gaga, not wearing some outlandish dress, but what looks like a flannel shirt buttoned to the top, her arm draped over the priest's shoulder. Below the picture is this quote..." (May 29, 2016 - Corpus Christi - Body & Blood of Jesus)

Levels of Happiness "A guy once told about the biggest change in his life. His wife said to him..." (May 22, 2016 - Trinity Sunday)

Led by the Spirit "The book tells how Pope Pius XII took role in the efforts to assassinate Hitler. This might surprise you, but the Catholic Church has taught that in certain circumstances it can be legitimate to kill a tyrant..." (May 15, 2016 - Pentecost Sunday)

Gift of Honor "Honor can include many things: attention, esteem, recognition, credit, praise, care. It does not involve pretense, but it can require patience and pardon..." (May 8, 2016 - Ascension of the Lord)

Building Church of Love "In every Mass we pray for Pope Francis and our bishop - Archbishop Sartain - not so much because they are good guys..." (May 1, 2016 - Sixth Sunday of Easter)

Third Priority "Have you heard about the Great Commission?" (April 24, 2016 - Fifth Sunday of Easter)

Second Priority "Before hearing about something important to our parish let's start with something affecting the universal church..." (April 17, 2016 - Fourth Sunday of Easter)

Second Priority "Before hearing about something important to our parish let's start with something affecting the universal church..." (April 17, 2016 - Fourth Sunday of Easter)

First Priority "What is God's purpose - his plan - for St. Mary of the Valley? This question has plunged us into a process of prayer, discernment, listening, study, surveys, interviews and research..." (April 10, 2016 - Third Sunday of Easter)

Receiving Divine Mercy "It's not a matter of thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less. That's a huge journey. Today we see someone who discovers Divine Mercy by thinking of himself less..." (April 3, 2016 - Divine Mercy Sunday)

The Greatest Gift "We desire mercy but we don't want to do the one thing necessary to receive mercy: admit we've done something wrong. One of the presidential candidates says he has 'never asked God for forgiveness...'"..." (March 27, 2016 - Easter Sunday)

Homilies for Triduum 2016:

Holy Thursday (bilingual, mainly English)
Good Friday
Easter Sunday

First Things: Jesus Suffering Today "Earlier this month gunmen entered a home care center in Yemen. They handcuffed security guards, nurses and volunteers. Then one by one they murdered 16 people including four religious sisters..." (March 20, 2016 - Palm Sunday, Year C)

First Things: Something New "They bring a woman who has betrayed her husband and family. Placing her before Jesus they demand strong action..." (March 13, 2016 - Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year C)

First Things: Your Story & His Story "A few weeks ago I gathered a group of men to talk about spiritual leadership. I asked each to share his normal pattern of prayer. They described......" (March 6, 2016 - Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year C)

First Things: Confession " The devil promises Palm Springs but he delivers Death Valley..." (February 28, 2016 - Third Sunday of Lent, Year C)

First Things: Children "the Gospel says they 'did not at that time tell anyone what they had seen.' There's a right time and place to witness. If you pray daily, the Lord will open up the right moment to share your personal witness story..." (February 21, 2016 - Second Sunday of Lent, Year C)

First Things: Prayer "Only 23% say they practice some daily devotion. That means more than 3 out of every four don't. We can do better..." (February 14, 2016 - First Sunday of Lent, Year C)

First Things "I am most disappointed by your practice of prayer. I will give specifics..." (February 10, 2016 - Ash Wednesday)

New Beginning: Nowhere to Go But Up "Some people imagine that the recognition of sin is depressing and negative. Not so. St. Paul says..." (February 7, 2016 - Fifth Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

New Beginning: Living God's Plan "You might think, "I know how to love!" Really? Let's listen again..." (January 31, 2016 - Fourth Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

New Beginning: God's Plan "In his law God gives us the Sunday obligation - to attend Mass on Sunday or the Saturday Vigil. God has this requirement because if we go by how we feel, we quickly fall away. Every Sunday morning I spend an hour before the Blessed Sacrament praying for our households. The devil particularly attacks our families when they are getting ready for Mass..." (January 24, 2016 - Third Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

New Beginning: Marriage "This starting point gives us a vision of marriage, different from our culture. That difference has led to misunderstanding. People depicts us as outdated, old fashioned, narrow-minded, judgmental, repressive, unkind, intolerant, bigoted and hateful..." (January 17, 2016 - Second Ordinary Sunday, Year C)

New Beginning: Second Birth "We begin our existence about the size of a dot at the end of typed sentence. That tiny dot, furiously at work, starts to differentiate, forming various organs - a beating heart at 21 days, soon brain waves, miniature legs, arms, even fingernails...." (January 10, 2016 - Baptism of the Lord)

New Beginning: Lift Up Your Eyes "In his famous story, 'A Christmas Carol' Charles Dickens describes the danger of false individualism. As you remember, to Ebenezer Scrooge a ghost appears dragging a long heavy chain. The ghost explains..." (January 3, 2016 - Epiphany - Feast of Three Kings)

New Beginning: Proof of Sonship "St. Paul gives the "proof" of sonship..." (January 1, 2016 - New Year's, Mary Mother of God)


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