Catholic Homilies

(by Fr Phil Bloom)

Best Lent Ever Week 4: Become a Continuous Learner "A good book merits re-reading. Books that I value I have read 3 or 4 times - and one book I have read dozens of times..." (March 26, 2017 - Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 3: A Good Listener "As Matthew Kelly observes in Resisting Happiness, 'Most people think they are good listeners...But compared to what?'" (March 19, 2017 - Third Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 2: Create Life-Giving Habits "These destructive habits we can overcome by replacing them with life-changing habits. And where's the best place to start?..." (March 12, 2017 - Second Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever Week 1: Prayer Changes Everything "I've noticed that when I sit down to pray, certain thoughts will flood my mind. I remember what I have in the refrigerator and how good a grilled cheese sandwich would taste. Or I start thinking about..." (March 5, 2017 - First Sunday of Lent)

Best Lent Ever: Even Now "Take a small step. Surprising as it sounds, you may have never really prayed. A study showed..." (March 1, 2017 - Ash Wednesday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 5 - Do Not Worry "I'm not responsible for the pope or the president.* I have to admit, I do enjoy judging him and other politicians, but maybe I need to listen to Paul..." (February 26, 2017 - Eighth Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 4 - Be Perfect "How do people typically look at each other? Well, you already know: we divide into factions and we look at the other side as if they were idiots. I've used the word, haven't you?..." (February 19, 2017 - Seventh Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 3- About Adultery, Murder & Perjury "Jesus is telling us that, contrary to what many think, lust, anger and equivocation have serious consequences. These failings are difficult to avoid, but there is a remedy..." (February 12, 2017 - Sixth Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 2- Salt and Light "You and I may not have such dramatic moments to be salt and light. But even in our abundant society we encounter the abandoned and lost - perhaps in our own families..." (February 5, 2017 - Fifth Ordinary Sunday)

Hidden Wisdom Week 1- Beatitudes "We see that hidden wisdom in today's Gospel - the Beatitudes. We've heard them so often that they tend to have a soothing quality but really they should jar us. Jesus describes things that people naturally avoid: poverty, loss of loved ones, sexual abstinence, insults, getting put down with no way of getting back.." (January 29, 2017 - Fourth Ordinary Sunday)

They Left their Boat and their Father "Why wait? Studies show that when a man and woman have made a basic commitment of their lives, they gain little and can lose a lot by waiting..." (January 22, 2017 - Third Ordinary Sunday)

Meaning of Gifts of Magi "the second century writer, Irenaeus of Lyon, gives the most likely interpretation: the gifts signify..." (January 8, 2017 - Epiphany Sunday)

How to Bless Your Children "'As we begin the New Year, I ask you to make this resolution: Bless those who are close to you. At first it may be awkward..." (January 1, 2017 - New Years Homily)


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