Catholic Homilies

(by Fr Phil Bloom)

Journey to Hope Week 1 "The crisis of faith is essentially a crisis of hope. Of course, we all have certain hopes: we want financial security, health, a 'soul mate', a better world for our children. Those are good dreams, but what is our ultimate hope?" (April 20, 2014 - Easter Sunday)

Conformed to the Cross "Do you see my hands? All my wounds are closing and the crust is turning black. It's a sign of death, as you well know..." (April 18, 2014 - Good Friday)

Discern the Body "Paul tells the Corinthians they must 'discern the body,' recognize the Body of Christ. We do that when we pray in front of the tabernacle and a worship Jesus in the Eucharist...." (April 17, 2014 - Holy Thursday)

Prayer and Spiritual Combat Week 6 "I promised that on Palm Sunday I would state the purpose of prayer. Why pray? What's the ultimate goal of prayer? I can answer by recounting a conversation..." (April 13, 2014 - Palm Sunday)

Prayer and Spiritual Combat Week 5 "In the Bible we read that Joshua held a javelin as he lead the Conquest. (8:18) Early Christians practiced javelin prayers - short pleas sent up during the day. We can see some striking examples in today's Gospel..." (April 6, 2014 - Fifth Sunday of Lent)

Prayer and Spiritual Combat Week 4 "The two anointings - by Samuel and by Jesus - point to an important aspect of prayer: the use of material elements....." (March 30, 2014 - Fourth Sunday of Lent)

Prayer and Spiritual Combat Week 3 "You cannot package joy. No one can achieve constant happiness - although we try to create our own happiness. 'You've had five husbands,' Jesus tells the woman...." (March 23, 2014 - Third Sunday of Lent)

Prayer and Spiritual Combat Week 2 "Apply your imagination. At first this might seem strange, but think about it..." (March 16, 2014 - Second Sunday of Lent)

Prayer and Spiritual Combat Week 1 "Once I visited a man whose face conveyed anger and confusion. My first thought was, let's get this over with quick..." (March 9, 2014 - First Sunday of Lent)

Go to Your Inner Room "Today's obsession with immediate results makes it hard for pastoral workers to tolerate anything that smacks of disagreement, possible failure, criticism, the cross..." (March 5, 2014 - Ash Wednesday)

Toward a Synthesis - Part 4 "One of the Carmelite Sisters heard Edith say,'Komm, wir gehen f�r unser Volk!' Come, Rosa, we are going for our people...'" (March 2, 2014 - Eighth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Toward a Synthesis - Part 3 "How can I be perfect like God? I am constantly plagued by anger, laziness and lust. Over and over I fall....'" (February 23, 2014 - Seventh Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Toward a Synthesis - Part 2 "Someone asked Mother Teresa, 'What will we be judged on?' She responded, 'I believe that when we die and the time comes for us to be judged, God will not ask...'" (February 16, 2014 - Sixth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Where Your Synthesis Is "In his Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel) Pope Francis devotes a section to the homily. What's the difference, he asks, between a dull homily and one that sets hearts on fire? It comes down to this..." (February 9, 2014 - Fifth Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

God, Family and the Seahawks "A new T-shirt that says, 'God, Family and the that order.' Today's Feast can help us get things in their right place..." (February 2, 2014 - Feast of the Presentation)

The Big Story: Gathering the People "When he got home, a letter awaited him. It was from a Christian girl and it contained a single sentence: "Your name is 'Andrew' which means 'man.'..." (January 26, 2014 - Third Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

The Big Story: A Hint About the Final Chapter "In any good story the author gives a hint at the beginning - a hint about how the story will resolve itself. For example, at the beginning of The Hobbit..." (January 19, 2014 - Second Ordinary Sunday, Year A)

Entering The Big Story "I would like to address a couple of common objections to our story. Some people say it is too complicated - all those prophets, wars, nations and dates. But then comes the second objection..." (January 12, 2014 - Baptism of the Lord, Year A)

The Big Story "The cosmic story has two versions. The first says that the stars control us, that we are simply products of a cosmic process..." (January 5, 2014 - Epiphany Sunday)

Silence Your Heart "I was in foul mood. People had let me down. Filled with anger, justified anger, I imagined they had done it on purpose..." (January 1, 2014 - Mary, The Mother of God)


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