1997 Homilies

(by Fr. Phil Bloom)

Current Homilies

January 25, 1997: How I received my Vocation.

Feast of the Presentation Anniversary Homily (Second Try) St. Cecilia, Stanwood, Feb 2, 1997.

First Sunday of Lent Temptations & The Culture of Death (Feb 16, 1997, Holy Family)

The Meaning of the Resurrection (March 30, 1997, Holy Family)

Easter 2: These past ten days we have heard a lot about Heaven's Gate—that cult down in San Diego where 39 people committed suicide...

Good Shepherd Sunday Our principal shepherd and the Annual Appeal. (April 20, 1997, Holy Family)

Mother's Day No perfect mothers (except one) May 11, 1997, Holy Family

The Unforgivable Sin (June 8, 1997, Holy Family)

He was the Conscience of Our State (In Memory of Archbishop Murphy, July 6,1997)

Jesus True Bread of Life (August 10, 1997)

Drawing a Line in the Sand (August 24, 1997)

Ephphetha: Hearing the Real Jesus (Sept. 7, 1997)

"Twice as Many Things, Twice as Unhappy" Overcoming Envy (Sept 21, 1997)

The doctrine of hell. (September 28, 1997)

What must I do to have Eternal Life? (Oct 12, 1997)

Christ the King (Nov 23,1997)

Second Sunday of Advent: How to Confess Your Sins (Dec 7, 1997)

Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12, 1997)

Rejoice Always! (Dec. 14, 1997)

Christmas '97 "Someone is knocking at the door"


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