1995-96 Homilies

(by Fr. Phil Bloom)

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First Homily as Priest Administrator of Holy Family (July 7, 1996)

Bearing Wittness before men. St. Mary's (June 23, 1996)

Ascención del Señor White Center. (19 de mayo de 1996)

Día de la Madre Lacey, Kent y White Center (12 de mayo de 1996)

El Buen Pastor Kent y Cristo Rey (28 de abril de 1996)

Funeral Homily for my Dad St Cecilia (Nov 25, 1995)

The Mary Bloom Center Morton, Packwood, Mossy Rock (July 14, 1996) Mission Coop

Sanación de MemoriasCristo Rey (18 de julio de 1996)

Caananite Woman, Abortion & Birth Control Holy Family (Aug 17-18, 1996)

The Opportunity Before Us Holy Family (Sept 29, 1996)

Our Mission Holy Family (October 20, 1996).

Sacrificial Giving Holy Family (November 17, 1996).

Thanksgiving Holy Family (November 28, 1996).

Cristo Rey Kent y Holy Family (November 28, 1996).

Segundo Domingo de Adviento Nuestra Esperanza Kent y Holy Family (8 de dic. 1996).

Tercer Domingo de Adviento ¡Estén Siempre Alegres! Kent y Holy Family (15 de dic. 1996).

Christmas 1996 "The Gift We All Desire"

Homilia de Navidad 1996 "El Regalo que Todos Deseamos."

Twenty Fifth Anniversary Homily (Dec. 29, 1996; Holy Family)


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