"international hate campaign against homosexuals"

Dear Father:

I am a practicing Catholic who is finding it more and more difficult to remain one. First of all, the Pope seems bound to launch an international hate campaign against homosexuals. Many, many homosexuals live in long term relationships based upon respect, dignity, high moral standards, fidelity and love. I know people who have raised children from the streets and none of these children that I know of have become homosexuals or other "deviants".

I see nothing wrong with the full rights given through domestic partnership laws. They were much needed. Jesus didn't create us to hate anyone. The catholic church as we know it now is getting just like the evangelical churches on TV, practicing and promoting HATE of one minority.

Could some of this be used to deflect attention to all the pedophile priests and the crimes against them. At least in this case Jesus was very clear in the New Testament as to what would be better for those who harm the "little ones". Just maybe He would think the same thing of the Church and its hate of homosexuals.

In the past I have seen good people driven to suicide, alcoholism and drugs due to the guilt placed on them by the Church. I am suffering deeply trying to fathom out this dilemma and saying my rosary every night isn't helping at this point.

M. Smith (and that is my real last name).


response from member of Seattle Courage group:

Dear Maryellen,

My name is J______ and I am a homosexual member of Father Bloom's parish. He has given his support to the group Courage, a chastity support group, and I am so grateful for that because this group has, at the risk of sounding dramatic, changed my life.

I tell you this because I want to be a witness to you. There is no hatred of homosexuals in Father Bloom or the Pope. The Church exists to lead people to salvation through Jesus Christ, and part of that is making known how God wants us to live our lives. Because I say that something is immoral does not mean that I hate people that do that thing anyway.

I know from personal experience how difficult it is to accept the Church's teaching on homosexuality. I was 38 years old before I could fully accept it. But I can tell you that accepting it and learning to live in accordance with it has been so powerful for me. It has taught me to rely on Our Lord and blessed me in many ways in my personal dealings with other people, both Christians and non-Christians.

I would like to dialog with you on this issue. We Christians need to be united in love, and sometimes mutual understanding has to come first. I hear some of the issues you are raising, and I have struggled with some of them myself. If you are willing, perhaps a dialog with me or others in our Courage group would be helpful for all of us.





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