Confession Over the Phone?

Hi Fr Phil,

I have a couple questions regarding the sacrament of confession. First of all, how often should one go? I think the church herself states once a year as a minimum, but how often is practical? I go every two to four weeks but I don't know if that's too much. I just find I receive a lot of healing each time I go and so I try to make frequent confessions.

And my second question, and I know it's pretty silly, but I am curious - why can one not make a confession over the phone? My confessor moved 2000 miles away and my life would be so much easier if I could call him up instead of finding a new one. I would probably make better confessions too. There's always something I hold back on, and I know I shouldn't but I do. Anyway that's another story...

Thanks for your great website. God bless.



Dear Brenda,

Having just finished seven hours of confessions, I want to encourage your practice of frequent confession. Besides celebrating the Eucharist there is no better way for a priest to spend his time.

You can make a confession over the phone, but to receive sacramental absolution requires personal presence. Every sacrament is Jesus personally and individually touching us and has an "outward sign." In the case of Reconciliation the outward sign is the imposition of hands or at least the extension of a hand over the penitent.

God bless,

Fr. Phil Bloom

P.S. As you might imagine, I receive requests for "email confessions." I give them roughly the same reply, altho email is yet another step removed. I believe most of those who emailed a "confession" eventually got up the courage to do the real thing.


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