(Update - February 2012)

To introduce Francisca, let me quote a letter from Sister Caty Vargas written in January of 1999. At that time Sister Cathy was the director of the girls orphanage in Puno, Peru, where the Mary Bloom Center is located.

"We received a baby named Francisca, whose mother died in childbirth. She has a high degree of malnourishment, but we are sure that God blesses us in finding persons like yourselves who help us, otherwise our work would be limited since without economic support very little can be done. Francisca was hospitalized in Juliaca for enterocolitis necrozante perinatal. When her mom died, they gave her cow's milk because they had no other option and this caused intestinal problems. She is in our home but we have to be very careful becuase she is a tiny baby, weighing only two and half kilos."

Baby Francisca with Vincentian Daughter of Charity, Sor Maria (February 1999)

Francisca survived and flourished. Following are some pictures taken during visits to Peru:

November 2001


Francisca with other Orphan Girls

August 2004
Francisca doing dance in traditional dress

Francisca at right

June 2005 Puno Orphanage after Mass of Saints Peter and Paul

Orphan girls wearing T-shirts donated by St. John Parish, Seattle

April 2006: Francisca & friend:

orphan girls (Francisca in blue outfit):

October 2008: Mass at Puno Orphanage

Rosary after Sunday Mass

Francisca is seated, first to left

October 2009 Farewell from girls at Puno orphanage, Oct 6

October 2010: Dody, Dayana, Francisca, Lourdes, Marely, Thania, Rossi

Eva, Lourdes, Gloria, Francisca, Monica & Marleny

January 2012: Orphan girls with Vanh Pham (Francisca is partially blocked by my great-niece, Sarah Lindenau)

Francisca making "horns"

working in the flower bed

Francisca, Vanh, Sarah

Outing to Floating Islands (December 31, 2011) - Francisca is second from left in back row

Mass at Orphanage Chapel (January 23, 2012) - Francisca standing, third from right


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Alejandro (boy with cerebral paralysis being helped by Mary Bloom Center)

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(Boy with Keratoconus helped Mary Bloom Center in Peru)


Pictures from 2012 Visit to Peru

2010 Visit




Earthquake Relief, 2007

Pictures from 2006 Visit to Peru



Encounter of Lay Leaders (August, 2003, Puno)

Pictures from Oct - Nov 2001 Visit (with Fr. Bill McKee and St. John Parishioners)

Pictures of Earthquake Relief (October 22, 2001; Saguaya)

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Picture of Baby Francisca

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Mary Bloom Staff and Volunteers with Banner (May 1999)

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Bishop Carrion blessing MBC (Obispo Carrión, 26 de junio de 1998)

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Mary Bloom in Peru.
November 1996

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