One Hour of Solar Energy For Entire Year?

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Dear Mr. Phil,

first off i would like to say thank you for not talking to me like a child, although i would like think you cant tell. You are right about the plants and animal matter that makes up fossil fuels are essentially solar energy, and that is something that i have not ever heard brought up, and as for the solar energy providing for people for an entire year, i would like to know where you got that information.


Remy Chan


Dear Remy,

I really could not tell. Still I have often found that a child can ask the best question. (Remember "The Emperor's New Clothes"?) The questions I raise on the Overpopulation Website are ones I have had since I was quite young.

About your question, there are sites like Fast Solar Energy Facts Solar Energy Global which state "The earth receives more energy from the sun in just one hour than the world uses in a whole year." I am not too sure how they calculate it, but it makes sense when you consider how much solar enegy a human body can receive in one hour and what an infintesimal area that is in comparison to the whole planet. Of course only one half of the surface would receive solar energy at any given time, but still that is an enormous area.

Did you watch President Bush tonite? He talked about becoming less dependent on foreign oil. One way of doing it would be to better utilize solar power. Maybe you could be one of people to figure out better ways of doing that.

Fr. Phil Bloom

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