Scarcity of Evidence He Is "Bible Believing Christian."

Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 12:32 PM
Re: Letter from Former Catholic on Boston Priest Pedophilia Scandal

I enjoyed your series of posts (referred to me by an apologetics list member. Apologia- Thank you.

I'd ask you to consider describing your correspondent as "Former allegedly-Catholic," since, to me, there is inadequate evidence to convict him of having been Catholic. Forgive my uncharity, but I even find a scarcity of evidence in his being a "Bible believing Christian." I hope you have inspired him to check out some version of the Bible more thoroughly.

If I had been corresponding with him, I may have asked where lies come from and what responsibility we have to not pass on falsehoods, but I imagine that he was feeling some unstated pains that make a lot of issues "secondary" to him. I gathered from the changing tone in his series of posts, that he's coming to grips with some of his issues.

Thanks for being on the net.

Scott Jura

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