Don't Throw in Towel After Three

Father Bloom-

Many thanks for your candid and orthodox views on your website.

I wonder if I could add my two cents worth to the woman who is thinking of throwing in the proverbial towel (or should I say diaper pail) after three kids... My only advice would be to 'hang in there', and to allow God to lead her life.

I remember feeling like I was going to burst, after having three kids in quick succession (my fantasy in those days was spending a night in a motel room-alone!). My husband was already making noises about having too many kids. God had other plans, however. We have five children now, and I truly call myself blessed.

I think that we are all on a journey, and only God knows the path. By contracepting, we limit the love that God will give us for the journey...and perhaps miss out on some great travelling companions! I wasn't ready for five kids ten years ago, and some days I still struggle. But I would have missed much happiness, had I selfishly limited my children. Trust in God-it works!

Thank you, Father Bloom, for your internet ministry. Great stuff!

Kathie McGann


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