Sexual Activity Before Marriage

I am still a virgin and plan to remain a virgin until I marry. Therefore, my questions are more geared towards things a male and female do without actually having sex and what is wrong, what is right, or if its ALL wrong. I think deep down in my heart, I really know the answer, but Iím scared to admit it. Can you please tell me if any or all of these things are sinful:

-fondling (of the breast or genital area)
-masturbatory activities (to the other partner)
-fellatio (oral stimulation of the penis)
-cunnilingus (oral stimulation of the vulva or vaginal area)
- ďdry intercourseĒ (the rubbing of the maleís penis on the genital area of the female)

Iím really sorry to bother you with all of this. I also hope I havenít made you uncomfortable with discussing this topic. And like I said, I think I already know the answer, I just need to hear it from a source educated on the subject of God. Iím really scared about this because it seems to have become EXTREMELY common for men and women (especially my age) to engage in such activities. I am currently in a relationship, and things of this nature have come up; I was just wondering what to do. Can you please help me,

God bless,
Scared and Troubled


First of all my prayers. About your specific question: all the sexual activities you mention are objectively sinful outside of marriage. Between a boyfriend and girlfriend, some expressions of affection are OK like holding hands or a kiss on the cheek, but when you get into "french kissing" or caressing certain parts of the body, the passions quickly become aroused, especially in boys. Every girl is damaged in some way if she allows a boy those kind of liberties. And the boy of course is hurt as well altho he may not be so quick to realize it.

God bless. Again my prayers,

Fr. Phil Bloom


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