February 15, 2006


Dear Father Jonathan,


I just read your article “Intelligent Design Not Modern Science.”  I had not heard of you before and have to admit I groaned at the opening sentence:  You religious folk may want to send me to the dog house…”  Oh no, I thought, another priest jumping on the bandwagon of lumping intelligent design (ID) with young earth creationism.  In spite of my fears, I was overall pleasantly surprised. 


Hopefully readers will see your point that much of what our children are taught in the name of “evolution” is hardly science.  Unfortunately, too many scientists cannot restrict themselves to empirical evidence.  Instead, they use their authority to impose answers beyond their competence, namely, the “what” and “why” questions you referred to, which belong in the philosophy class.   And of course on a popular level, folks use “evolution” to explain everything from philandering to fingernail polish.


Having read a number of the books and articles by proponents of ID, it seems very inadequate to describe ID as “a religious alternative masquerading as a scientific theory.”  I see them more as pointing out how a rigid adherence to a neo-Darwinist philosophy causes a blind spot in many of its prominent proponents such as Richard Dawkins and his disciples. 


Anyway, Fr. Jonathan, my hat is off to you for taking on this issue which is complex and polarizing.  If people read you carefully, I believe your article will shed much light.  Keep up the good work.  Prayers.


Fraternally in Christ,




Fr. Phil Bloom