"Depo Provera Is an Abortifacient"

I have been on birth control for medical reasons since my marriage and I have been told by more than one priest that that was acceptable. I was researching on the 'Net tonight about birth control and find that that's apparently not the case. I also found out that the form of birth control I've been on, Depo Provera, is an abortifacient, which I did not know. I am horrified. I have been off birth control for 3-4 months now and at this point in time have no intentions of getting back on it. Could you please tell me what the Catholic Church teaches in this case? Thank you!




Dear A,

An act has to be both knowing and deliberate to actually be a sin. So it does not sound like you committed a sin. However, the consequences are still there. My advice would be to place your life before Jesus - particularly good if you can do so in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. If any children were conceived while you were on Depo Provera, ask the Lord (and the children) for forgiveness. God evidently desires to make many, many souls - and he even uses the deceptions of medical science to achieve his purpose.

Thank the Lord for leading you to the truth - and ask for his grace to now be able to follow it. If you and your husband do that with a lot of prayer, it will bring a new depth to your lives and to your marriage. I cannot guarantee that it will be easy, but Jesus has told us the the path to true (eternal) life is narrow and it involves the cross.

My prayers, Amy. Please also remember me.

God bless,

Fr. Bloom


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