Armando Perez Ordained to Diaconate

(July 15, 2001; Holy Family, Seattle)

Deacon Armando Perez, Archbishop Alexander Brunett, Fr. Phil Bloom

Fr. Joe Tyson, Deacon Armando, Archbishop Brunett, Fr. Bloom

Deacon David Mulholland, Deacon Armando, Archbishop Brunett, Deacon Ted Wiese

Imposition of Hands

Imposition of Hands: Archbishop Brunett, Fr. Tyson, David Young (ordained deacon, July 29)

Deacon Armando Distributing Communion, Precious Blood of Christ

Deacon Armando & Archbishop Brunett

Deacon Armando & Archbishop Brunett in front of Holy Family Church

Reception at Holy Family School: Fr. Joe Tyson making taco, Fr. Clay Meyer Observing

Deacon Armando, Archbishop Brunett, Fr. Bloom, Abel Magaña standing, Mariachi Band on Stage

Fotos courtesy of Marry-Natty


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